B&B Monday Update 7/14/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/14/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Liam kiss and Hope thinks that Liam is a very distracting person. Hope would love to make out with him all day but she has a meeting. Liam understands. Hope thinks it will be strange having someone knew in the jewelry line. Liam thinks it sucks that Wyatt is no longer involved but he thinks everything has finally worked out for everyone including Wyatt.

Wyatt opens a video and he is told that the diamond belongs to him now. He gets a knock on the door and opens it and it is Deacon. Deacon wonders if it is a bad time. Wyatt tells him to come in. He wonders if Quinn is getting the help she needs. Wyatt explains she claims she is. Wyatt tells him he is shocked at the moment and shows him the diamond telling him it is his. Deacon picks it up and wonders what exactly he is looking at. Wyatt tells him to be respectful of that piece. Wyatt tells him not to tell anyone about this. He explains that he inherited it. Deacon wonders how he ended up with it. Wyatt is shocked that he inherited it.

Ivy asks if she is getting an internship. Rick tells her in a matter of speaking. Hope and Liam walk in and she introduces him to her. Eric explains they are not offering Ivy an internship but she will be working with the company. Ivy is shocked. She was not expecting this. Hope wonders what she says. Ivy thinks this is complicated right now. She thinks it would be a dream come true, but she cannot just shut down in Sydney right now. She would need help. Hope and Liam get an idea.

Wyatt tells Deacon that this diamond brings good luck and he is serious about this. Wyatt explains that he promised that he would give it to Hope one day. Deacon reminds him that she and Liam are together. Wyatt explains things started to go down hill with the pregnancy scare. Hope realized that a pregnancy was permanent and Liam demanded equal time but it was Quinn who broke them up. Wyatt knows that Quinn could not come back from that. Deacon wonders if he is over with Hope. Wyatt will never be done with Hope.

Liam wonders if Ivy will come on. Hope thinks with some help. Liam wonders if she wants to hire Wyatt back. Hope thinks it is awful that everything has happened to him. Liam agrees with her. Hope is shocked. Liam thinks it is not fair that Wyatt had to deal with Quinn and he deserves another chance.

Wyatt thinks that the diamond might bring them closer again. Hope wants him to come to Forrester. Wyatt explains he is on his way. Deacon thinks the diamond is already working. Wyatt smiles.

Rick closes the conference room door and Carter wonders what is going on. Rick needs to come clean to something. Rick tells him that Maya came into the stream room the other day and started hitting on him.

Oliver believes that Aly has been a revaluation. Aly wonders how. Oliver believes she is a different person now and she is pretty and beautiful and happy. Aly thinks that Oliver is a great person and helped her through some very difficult times. Aly believes that he accepted her for who she is -- never judging her for anything. Oliver thinks nothing is wrong with whatever she says. Aly tells Oliver he can tell her anything.

Wyatt walks into the office and Hope explains that the two of them have an offer for him.

Carter thinks that is a bad joke. Rick would not make this up. Rick knows how this seems and he did not feel right knowing he was in the dark. Maya walks in. Rick leaves. Maya wonders what is going on. Carter wants to know if she came on to Rick in the steam room.

Oliver tells Aly that the day that Ridge fired him he became freaked out. Then around that time they started seeing each other. Oliver explains Maya thinks that Oliver was using her. Oliver thinks she is doing some shady things lately. Oliver tells her on that recording he said some things. They were bad and he is going to need her forgiveness. Oliver tells her that what he said does not change how he fells about her.

Hope thinks that Wyatt has been through hell dealing with Quinn. Hope explains that they have a new jewelry designer and they need a second person involved. Wyatt is shocked that Liam is on board with this. Wyatt thinks this is huge. He can't believe they are actually brothers now. Wyatt thinks this is shocking. Wyatt thinks this job is fantastic but their acceptance means more to him. Liam hugs him. Hope smiles.

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