B&B Wednesday Update 7/9/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/9/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke thinks it is great to have Ridge back. Eric agrees that it is great and it is like he never left. Katie thinks that it has been a confusing time for Ridge and the doctor says it is going to take a while.

Ridge throws a drawing pad on the table and attempts to draw once again. He is unable to find the ability to draw inside of him.

Caroline goes outside to find Rick. Rick wonders if Caroline is still upset about Maya. Rick is unsure if he should tell Aly. He does not want Aly to get hurt. Caroline thinks that he is telling the truth.

Oliver cannot believe Maya would do this to him. He wonders who Maya thinks she is. Oliver wonders if she has anything to say about this. Maya believes that she had to protect Aly. Oliver claims to be crazy about her. Maya believes that if Oliver really does not have anything to worry about then he should not be freaking out.

Rick believes that Oliver wants to use Aly. Caroline thinks that there are no tells when it comes to Aly. Rick wonders if Caroline believes him. Caroline will believe anyone over Maya. She cannot believe that Maya would try going after Rick. She should not have let her guard down. Rick thinks that Maya could really be protecting Aly. Caroline still thinks the opposite.

Katie wonders if Eric is going to let on that he is checking up on Ridge. Brooke does not think so at all. Brooke wonders if Katie is ok. Katie explains that Ridge has holes in his memory. Katie thinks it is frustrating for Ridge and she wishes that she could help.

Eric comes into the conference room and asks Ridge what he is working on.

Rick does not want to think badly about Oliver but he does not want him using Aly. Caroline thinks he just needs to prove himself. Aly shows up and speaks with an English dialect. She is embarrassed because she thought that Oliver was going to be here. Rick wonders if Aly has tried anything on Aly and Aly explains he is nothing like that. Oliver never pushes her. Aly loves that they are protective but she does not need that with Oliver.

Maya believes that Aly is vulnerable. Oliver believes he is falling in love with Aly. Oliver thinks that she is jealous.

Brooke is glad that Katie has Ridge. Katie is shocked to hear that. Brooke wonders if she still has her sister. Katie explains yes. Brooke now knows that things can change in a matter of minutes and is sorry for every bad thing that has happened. Katie wants to put the past in the past. She says they are sisters. They hug.

Eric thinks that Ridge is getting back into work right away. He wants to see what Ridge is working on but Ridge does not want him to. Eric explains that he can pull rank if he wanted to. Eric notices that Ridge does not look happy and wonders if he is alright. Eric gets a phone call and explains that he has to take care of this. Ridge tells him he should go. Eric says he will be right back. Ridge remembers drawing and designing and takes the pad of paper and leaves the room.

Rick thinks that Aly getting a boyfriend was bound to happen, but he is not sure if it is a smart idea for Oliver to be the guy. Caroline remembers when Ridge took control of the meeting. Rick thinks no one can take control like Ridge.

Ridge walks outside and bumps into people without acknowledging them.

Oliver demands that Maya agree. Maya does not think that he deserves Aly. Maya thinks that Oliver is purposely trying to make her look bad in photos and she knows that Oliver wants to replace her with Aly. Aly walks into the room.

Brooke wonders if Ridge leaving should be something to be worried about. Katie is sure everything is fine but asks if she can borrow Brooke's car. Katie goes to see where Ridge went.

Ridge returns to his bedroom and attempts to draw.

Katie starts to walks outside and is freaked out by Ridge leaving.

Rick wonders if Caroline just took a photo of her drink. Caroline explains that her followers love her. Rick tells her that he also loves her. Caroline asks if he loves her more than he ever loved Maya. Rick explains yes.

Maya tells Aly she was just leaving. Oliver tells Aly to forget Maya and to remember that he cares about her. Aly knows that. The two kiss. Aly smiles.

Eric wonders if there is something that Katie is not telling them about Ridge. Brooke explains that Katie said that Ridge was having troubles adapting.

Ridge takes off his suit and grabs another piece. He rolls up his sleeves and attempts to draw again. He rips another piece out and then another. Ridge then breaks the pencil in half and throws the pad of paper to the floor. Katie knocks on the door and demands he let her in. He finally opens it but says nothing. Katie looks at the floor. Katie hugs Ridge realizing what just happened.

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