B&B Tuesday Update 7/8/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/8/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke thinks that Eric looks excited. Eric cannot believe that they almost lost Ridge but now he is coming back to work today. Brooke believes they are the best father son team in the business. The two hug.

Ridge is ready to go back to work. Katie wonders if he needs more time. Ridge thinks about when he was found by Brooke.

Wyatt tells Liam he can fix his necklace for him. Hope cannot believe this. Bill is shocked by the whole thing. Hope wonders how Liam got away from her. Liam explains that Wyatt stopped her from doing anything.

Rick comes in the conference room and wonders when he is coming. Eric explains that Katie is supposed to call when they are on there way.

Katie tells Ridge they should get ready to go.

Liam explains they didn't call the police. Hope cannot believe this. Hope wants them to get a restraining order. Wyatt does not think that she will come back. Bill believes that she is crazy. Someone shows up and Wyatt opens the door to reveal that Deacon helped.

Brooke gets the call that they are on there way and everyone is excited. Eric thanks her for pulling this together. Eric believes that this is a great thing for everyone.

Bill asks why he keeps popping up. Deacon wants to be near his daughter. Deacon explains that he ran into Quinn when she found out that he is Hope's father. She was working on a project the entire time he was staying with her. Then Quinn leaves with the sword and Wyatt showed up and he knew to come to Liam. Liam thinks it is crazy that he is alive because of Wyatt and Deacon and he thanks them both.

Katie believes everyone is excited to have Ridge back. Ridge gets out of the care and is greeted by a valet. Ridge and Katie get out of the car and Ridge looks at the Forrester logo. He walks up to the entrance and everyone is waiting for him. He welcomes them and gives them all hug as he makes his way up. Ridge smiles at all of them.

Ridge makes his way into the conference room and thanks all of them for everything. Ridge thinks that was amazing and they are the Forrester family and they support each other. All the things they have done together and created. He tells them all to get back to work. They all clap. Katie hugs him.

Deacon is just glad that everything worked out. Bill wonders if anyone actually buys what he is saying. Bill believes that Deacon is just trying to buy his way back into Hope's life. Bill does not need to have Deacon back in Hope's life. Deacon did not do anything. Deacon explains that Quinn never came back to the warehouse last night and feels that he should not have to deal with anything.

Wyatt gets a phone call from a doctor explaining that he is at a facility at a mental health clinic. The doctor explains that Quinn loves him. Wyatt tells them that Quinn checked herself into a mental health clinic. Liam hopes that Quinn gets some help. Bill thinks the two of them sound like brothers. Bill hopes they are ok now. Hope thinks that went somewhat well. Wyatt just thinks that Bill was happy that they were not fighting. Liam wonders if Quinn has done this before. Wyatt tells them not to this extreme. Wyatt does not know how to help her anymore. Hope believes that Wyatt has proven that he is not his mother. Wyatt wishes them both the best. Liam hugs Wyatt and Hope smiles.

Aly thinks it was cool to see the look on Ridge's face. Aly believes that Oliver is her knight in shinning armor. Aly gets a text and has to go deal with something. Maya walks in the room and knows that Oliver was trying to avoid her earlier. Oliver knows about the recording.

Eric explains that Caroline has stunning drawings. Caroline loves having Eric as a father in love. She loves being his go to designer.

Ridge goes back into the conference room and looks at the designs. He starts to draw but cannot seem to remember how to and keeps ripping out pages from the book. Ridge breaks a pencil and starts to cry.

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