B&B Monday Update 7/7/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/7/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn explains to Liam that it did not have to come to this while she holds a sword close to his neck. Liam believes it will be over for her when this happens.

Hope cannot sleep and she explains to Brooke and Bill that Quinn has gone off the deep end. She tells them that Liam keeps having her break in his house. Brooke wonders what Quinn even wants with Liam. Hope tells them both that Quinn has threatened to kill him and her. The two look shocked.

Liam believes that he is less an obstacle for Wyatt alive than dead. Quinn thinks that Liam is going to die. Liam tries to escape but Quinn trips him. Right before she can stab him Wyatt comes in and screams mom.

Brooke does not think that she could have meant it literally. Hope does not believe she just lost her temper but her self control. Hope tried to talk to her but she lies constantly. Brooke wishes that she had not done that. Brooke wants Liam to sleep there.

Wyatt tells Quinn that he was supposed to tell him before she has does stuff like this. Quinn wanted to go away and have Hope with him. Wyatt believes that Liam is the better one because he did not have her thrown away in jail. Tonight is going to be the end of the road for one of them.

Bill wonders what he should do. Hope tells Bill to go lay down the law because it is his fault she is in there lives. Bill reminds her that it was Hope who brought them into their lives. Bill knows that Quinn will never act on her actions because she will lose her power. Bill wants to talk about the wedding.

Wyatt cannot believe that Quinn made a sword. Wyatt is angry that Quinn will do this to people. Wyatt has wanted to run away but couldn't because he had guilt. Wyatt explains that Liam is his brother, he had no one but her up until now and Liam is the reason that he has become a better person. Wyatt is glad Hope broke up with him because he does not want Hope around her. Wyatt explains after tonight the only people's lives that she is allowed to ruin are his and hers.

Hope decides to go to bed. She explains that she wants them to know what is going on and now they do. Hope does not need to know about the wedding. Hope is not overjoyed to see him and he does not care. Bill decides he will go up stairs. Brooke tells Hope she has every right to feel the way she does about Bill but she hopes that Hope can be happy for her. Hope wants to be happy for Brooke and if it is Bill that makes her that way then it is fine. Hope just has a lot of shot nerves thanks to Quinn.

Quinn believes that Wyatt is going to be fine. Quinn does not think it has to be the end of anything. She does not think Liam is hurt. Quinn knows that he is angry but she believes that he understands. Quinn believes that some feelings are so powerful you cannot control them. Wyatt tells her that she should go to prison for this. Quinn cannot believe what he is saying. Quinn will never see him again if that is what he wants. Quinn tells Wyatt that he can never be done with her. Quinn tries to stab Wyatt but he grabs it from her and tells her that it is over. Wyatt cannot be her keeper anymore. He is done. Quinn is sorry. Wyatt does not care. Quinn runs off and Wyatt wants to call the police but Liam tells him to just let her go.

Hope is sorry. She is not embarrassed by her anymore. Brooke knows how hard it can be. Hope thinks that Wyatt has the same situation. Brooke believes it is different because Wyatt knows she is crazy. Hope could never have the two of them hate each other. She loves Brooke to much. Brooke thanks her, she wonders about Wyatt and Liam. Hope wants the two of them to get along.

Liam wonders where Quinn will go. Wyatt thinks she will just go back to the warehouse. Wyatt put them there because they wouldn't have neighbors. Liam gets it all now. Wyatt knew this was coming but he didn't want to be alone. Liam owes him his life now. From this point forward there is no alone.

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