B&B Friday Update 7/4/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/4/14


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In Malibu, Wyatt continues to defend his mother and questions her threat against Hope.  Liam reiterates that his mom does like Hope, when she is with her son and not Liam.  Hope jumps in and pleads with Wyatt to do something.  Is his mother capable of murder?!  Wyatt continues to defend his mother but Hopes pleas start to make an impact and he texts his mom.  They continue to discuss Quinn and her likelihood of carrying out her threats.  Wyatt apologizes and promises to keep Quinn at bay.

Quinn continues to admire the dangerous looking sword.  Quinn’s phone beeps with a text from Wyatt.  When asked where he is, he responds that he is with Liam and Hope.  Quinn gripes to herself about Liam and his revealing her threats.  Deacon returns and updates Quinn on his visit to Brooke.  He asks to preview her latest project and she unveils the sword, remarking it is definitely “killer”.  Deacon asks who the sword is for but Quinn is vague and doesn’t reveal much.  Quinn remarks she has an errand to make and leaves.  Wyatt returns looking for his mother and runs into Deacon.  Wyatt questions how Quinn and Deacon know each other and quickly update each other briefly.  Deacon addresses his concern for Quinn with Wyatt.  Deacon explains how Quinn has been making a sword that resembles the one on his neck…and she left to fulfill a “promise” that she made.  Wyatt hurries out. 

At Brooke’s, Deacon is asked to leave.  Deacon pleads with Brooke to give him a chance, Hope needs her father.  Deacon brings up Ridge and starts to question her relationship with “Spencer” as Bill walks in.  Bill questions Deacon’s motivations and cites the likelihood of working an angle.  Brooke interrupts and demands that Deacon stay away from her and Hope.  He leaves.  Bill and Brooke discuss Deacon’s visit and his intentions.  Hope arrives and Brooke updates her on Deacon’s visit.  Brooke shares how he is looking for her support.  Hope explains she has forgiven Deacon and wants to give him a chance to prove his sincerity.  Brooke and Bill step outside and watch fireworks.

Liam and Hope are watching fireworks in Malibu.  After, Liam turns in and Hope leaves.  Quinn arrives at Liam’s and begins a tirade about him not heeding her words.  She knocks him to the ground, pulls out her sword and threatens him by stating he can “live by the sword, or die by the sword”.  Liam looks on helplessly.

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