B&B Thursday Update 7/3/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/3/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Suzanne

In Malibu, Liam recalls his threatening conversation with Quinn.  He is clearly distressed.  Hope arrives to see how he is doing.  Liam updates her on Quinn’s visit and her threats towards both of them.   Concerned, Hope calls Wyatt and asks him to come over to Liam’s.  She explains they need to let him know what is going on with his mom…Quinn has to be stopped.  Wyatt arrives and explains he has asked his mom to back off.  Liam shares that Quinn’s latest threat was unlike anything that she has said before.  She is in a dark place and is willing to get rid of anyone that makes Wyatt unhappy.   Liam continues to explain that she threatened both him and Hope…and told Liam to go to Paris to be with Steffy or else.  Hope asks Wyatt if he thinks his mom can be dangerous.  Wyatt says no but flashes back to her previous statements as Hope continues to question Quinn’s ability to commit murder.

At Brooke’s, Hope is on her way out when Bill and Brooke greet her in the foyer.  They discuss Ridge and his recovery and how well it is going.  Brooke assures Katie is taking good care of him.  Hope laments that Ridge could’ve died if it weren’t for Quinn’s meddling.  Everyone agrees. 

After, Brooke asks after Liam and Bill updates that he needs time off due to his ankle.  They flirt.  Conversation turns to Quinn and her motivations behind trying to separate them.  Brooke argues that it will be hard to get Quinn out of their lives for good…she is Wyatt’s mother after all!  Talk turns to their wedding and flashbacks of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Bill tells Brooke there is nothing holding them back now…they need to finish what they started and get married.  Bill jokes that they can go to the courthouse tomorrow but Brooke claims she wants some time to plan the wedding.  She wants to do it at their home in front of friends and family. Bills phone rings and soon after the doorbell.  Brooke opens the door and finds Deacon on her doorstep!  Brooke asks why Deacon is here…and makes it clear she doesn’t want him in her life or Hope’s.  Deacon assures he is there to prove he is no longer destructive…he wants Brooke and Hope to see how he has changed.  Brooke’s skeptical.  Deacon continues that he truly wants to try to earn back her trust.

At the warehouse, Wyatt is working when Quinn walks in.  He quickly updates her on work issues and the need to make as many sales as possible…especially since they are no longer tied to Forrester Creations.  Quinn tries to reassure him that his prayers will soon be answered and Hope will come back to him.  As Wyatt questions her, Deacon appears and listens to their conversation in the shadows.  Wyatt becomes suspicious and questions if she has seen Liam.  He asks if she had anything to do with Liam’s injury.  Quinn deflects his question by making light of a veiled threat regarding Liam.  Wyatt instructs her to back off of Liam and Hope.  Quinn continues to argue that she only has his best interest at heart as he walks out.  Dylan walks in and comments on Wyatt’s desire to separate himself from her. Quinn rebuffs his statement and questions whether she should’ve let him stay at the warehouse.  Deacon assures that he is only trying to be honest.  He tries to explain if she keeps meddling she will push Wyatt away, not repair their relationship.  She should back off.  Quinn blasts Deacon and lists all of his past mistakes with Hope.  Deacon argues she needs to start listening to her son and leaves.

Later at the warehouse, Quinn opens a wooden trunk.  She slowly begins to shine a very dangerous looking blade.

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