B&B Wednesday Update 7/2/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/2/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Aly writes in her diary that tonight was glorious and delightful. She believes it was lovely, just like being in love.

Oliver looks nervous over the recording played to him. Rick wants to know if he is using his niece.

Deacon does not think that Hope is a marshmallow. Deacon wonders if Hope was right that Quinn was lurking around Liam's house.

Liam gets a phone call from Hope. Liam had to get a ride home he explains to Hope. Hope would like to come over but Liam tells her no. Hope wonders if Liam is sure he saw Quinn. Liam does not know. Wyatt runs into Hope at the restaurant. Wyatt claims he is not stalking her. Wyatt explains that Deacon came to his house and he wants to tell her. Hope thinks that is funny because she just came from his mothers.

Quinn tells Deacon to get a job. Quinn explains she knows she got fired but she is doing something with her life. Deacon tells her not to speak to her that way. Quinn explains he can go to sleep somewhere else then. Liam goes to lie down in bed.

Aly sends Oliver an email.

Oliver tells Rick that was a private conversation. Oliver did not chose to fall in love with Aly he just did. Rick is not convinced.

Wyatt explains that he does not want Hope to find out about him seeing Deacon from someone else later. Hope wonders if Wyatt is curious about Quinn. Hope tells him that Liam is on crutches because Liam thought he saw a face.

Quinn keeps working on her project and Deacon comes back in. He tells her that she is out of beer. Quinn believes that is not her problem. Deacon believes that he is earning his keep by deciding if he is interested in his daughters relationship. Quinn wants to know what he wants. Deacon wants beer.

Aly looks at photos of Oliver. Darla appears and tells her that she is a good man.

Oliver got freaked out and he knows that Carter was Ridge's favorite. Oliver decided to talk badly to Maya. Oliver was attracted to Aly for a lot of reasons. Oliver believes this is real and none of it is planned. Oliver understands if he has to fire him but do not use the recording to hurt Aly. Rick went to bat with Ridge over Oliver. Oliver knows he cannot change his opinion but he wants his work experience to be noted. Rick does not think Aly needs to hear this. Rick will be watching Oliver.

Aly thinks about Oliver in bed.

Wyatt wonders what Liam is afraid of. Wyatt knows that Quinn is manipulative. Wyatt does not think she is dangerous. Hope just knows what happened. Hope does not have any right to ask Wyatt to do anything. Wyatt will do it if she wants.

Liam hears notices again and gets out of bed. He hears the noises coming from the window again and hears them from inside. Quinn knows that he ran to Hope about her.

Rick wonders if he did the right thing. Caroline does not want to know what to do. Aly should not be hear broken just so Oliver cannot do it himself.

Aly gets a phone call from Oliver. Aly was wishing he would call. Oliver explains he was thinking about how much she means to him and not to forget that.

Deacon looks at things in Quinn's workshop and finds the box where her project is.

Wyatt is not sure about his future but he hopes it is with Hope. Wyatt might focus on his career. He believes it will never make up for losing Hope though. Wyatt cannot get over her though. Hope frowns.

Liam wonders how crazy Quinn is. Quinn demands Liam get Wyatt his job back. Quinn tells him to leave. Quinn pushes Liam to the ground and says she will kill Hope too before she sees him with her.

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