B&B Tuesday Update 7/1/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/1/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

The jousting continues at the medieval festival. Oliver and Aly seem to be very into it. Pam is screaming because she loves it. Aly thanks Oliver for coming. Oliver thinks this is awesome.

Hope wants to know if Quinn was at Liam's tonight. Quinn says Liam sure thinks she was. Quinn believes this is insulting. Hope believes it would be her fault if she was there whatever happens.

Liam shows up at his house on his crutches and notices the chair that fell over.

Rick gets out of the shower and pours himself some water. Caroline thinks he is tense. Rick does not think that Oliver is a good person. Caroline believes that Maya is just trying to shift the blame. Caroline will not let Maya get away with what she did.

Pam asks where Oliver went. Oliver comes back and says he was checking on there ride. The two take a selfie.

Liam puts the chair back where it was and starts to hear a noise again by the window. He grabs something from the kitchen and looks out the window. He notices a tree branch that has fallen down and pushes it away from the door. He looks mad.

Quinn thinks that Liam was just playing scared. Quinn wonders how playing peek a boo with Liam would accomplish anything. Quinn has no interest in Liam currently. Hope does not believe her. Hope is not here to see Quinn's latest work. Quinn does not want to deal with Liam. Quinn does not believe she has done anything wrong currently. Hope reminds her that she stabbed Liam with a necklace. She wonders what that was supposed to mean.

Rick looks outside and sees Aly and Oliver outside. Caroline does not want him going outside. Rick will wait until he is leaving.

Oliver thinks that was very fun. He would like to go again. Aly would love having him come again. Aly thinks it is a big deal that a guy like him wants to spend time with a girl like her. Oliver would like a little notice next time so his suit and armor can be polished. Oliver tells he better get going. The two kiss each other.

Pam gets back to the office and finds her phone. She got into a midevil dance group. Charlie explains that Pam has ignited a spark in him that he never knew existed. Charlie owes him big time.

Liam gets some ice and swears he hears something outside again.

Quinn wonders what Hope is asking her. Hope tells Quinn that what she has told Liam was a threat. Quinn knows she should not have said it. Hope loves she was dragged into this. She tells him that nothing is going to change. Quinn tells her that she made a lot of bad choices but it should not effect the way she feels about Wyatt and she will tell him how.

Rick comes up to Oliver and wants to know if there is a problem. He asks him to come with him.

Liam is on his computer and still looking at the door. He is paranoid.

Hope is not punishing Wyatt. Quinn knows it is not intentional. Quinn takes responsibility for a lot of things. Quinn understands that Hope cannot get past that. Quinn wonders if Hope was judged by her fathers actions. Wyatt cannot help what she did. Wyatt loves her and still wants Hope. She believes that Hope still wants that to. Quinn will move as far away if that is what it takes. She just wants Hope to take Wyatt back.

Aly remembers the evening as she looks in the mirror.

Oliver wants to know what is going on. Rick wants to know about how serious Oliver is with Aly. Caroline explains that Aly really likes him. Oliver wonders if this is the age difference. Rick wonders what draws Oliver to Aly. Oliver believes they work together a lot. Oliver really likes Aly. Rick wants to know about the recording and plays it for Oliver. Oliver looks a little freaked out. Rick demands to know the truth.

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