B&B Monday Update 6/30/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/30/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Pam thinks that the party is going to be amazing. Oliver wants to know what a blue crown means. Aly explains it is for the knight. Aly hopes he likes this. Oliver already does.

Liam picks up a flashlight and goes towards the back door. He opens it and looks outside and wants to know if it is Quinn who is out there. He walks back inside and trips and falls to the ground.

Rick tells Maya to play the tape of Oliver again. She does and Rick looks angry while Maya looks happy. Rick knows that Aly has been crazy about this guy. Caroline wants to know why Maya has this. Maya explains it was right after Ridge tried to fire him. Rick will not let this guy do this to Aly.

Charlie explains to Oliver they don't have and forks because they are in the 11th century.

Liam calls Hope. Liam explains that he has sprained his ankle. Liam tells her that he is going to go to urgent care. Hope wants to know what happened. Liam explains that it was Quinn.

Deacon walks around Quinn's warehouse and Quinn walks in. He wants to know where she is coming from. Deacon wants to know the answer. Quinn wants to know exactly what she wants to know. She wonders if he is worried about her virtue. Quinn said he could stay here because she was nice but she does not have to be his new BFF. Deacon tells her that he went to meet Wyatt and he thought he was a very nice guy. Quinn believes that Liam likes to play on her guilt. Hope is a caring and sensitive young lady and Liam plays games and is a spoiled brat. Quinn believes he is afraid of his own shadow.

Liam at the doctors is told he sprained his ankle. Hope comes in and wants to know how it had to do with Quinn. Liam believes it did.

Maya got concerned after Oliver started to fall for Aly. Caroline thinks she is full of herself. Maya believes she is close to the Forresters. Rick believes it would not be hard for Oliver to put one over. Maya thinks that Aly being innocent is not a good thing here.

The show starts and Pam is very happy. Aly is happy that Oliver is being so nice about this. The show starts and Oliver looks happy. The performers discuss the people who have showed up. They welcome Oliver to the castle for the first time. Oliver smiles at Aly.

Hope wants to know what happened. Liam had come by with her weirdness and then he went to bed. He started to hear noises. Liam hears a noise from inside the house. The sliding glass door in the kitchen is open. He looks through the window and he sees Quinn but then when he looks again she is gone.

Deacon comes back into the warehouse and sees Quinn using the power tools again.

Rick is not going to let a guy treat Aly that way. Rick tries to call Aly but it goes to voice male. Maya thinks that the two of them are together again.

Some performers joust and start to fight. Pam and Charlie seem to be very into it. Oliver thinks it is awesome.

Deacon wants to know what Quinn is making. Quinn tells him to stop freaking him out. Hope starts knocking on the door and Deacon comes to hide. Quinn wants to know what she is doing here. Hope wonders if Quinn was at Liam's house again tonight. Quinn tells her no. Hope wants to know the truth.

Maya tells them that Oliver and Aly spend a lot of time at work. Caroline tells them they cannot throw Oliver under a buss just yet. Rick thinks the recording was real. Caroline tells Maya that she should go. Caroline tells her that HFTF is not a bad place. Rick is more concerned about Oliver and Aly and will let Maya stay. Rick tells Maya not to talk to Aly or anyone else about it. Caroline wonders how they are going get it out of Oliver. Rick believes people have tells. Rick wants to do this before they get in any deeper.

Oliver and Aly have a good time watching people jousting. People start cheering Aly thinks that carnations are romantic as the winner gets one. Oliver tells Aly he loves everything about this night.

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