B&B Wednesday Update 6/25/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/25/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam is not afraid of Quinn's empty threats. Quinn is not giving him empty threats. Liam thinks this conversation is over.

Rick is happy they can concentrate on getting back to work. Carter believes that it will be better when Ridge gets back. Rick knows this but they cannot go anywhere with anything else. HFTF is the main priority right now. Hope believes that Caroline's new collection will help out along with Maya. Hope cannot wait to see Maya smiling in the beautiful pictures. Maya looks unsure of something.

Maya asks Hope if something is wrong with her work. Hope says she is sorry she just has had a lot of stuff to deal with. Hope just wants everyone to breathe again. Hope wonders if Maya has been distracted because her smile has been missing. She wonders if it was just Ridge bothering her. Rick asks them to get back to work. Caroline brings up the fact that Rick is going to be in the steam room by himself. Maya looks angry.

Quinn hates Liam. She believes that he poisoned Hope. She does not believe there is anything wrong with her or her family. Quinn wants Hope to be able to think for herself. Quinn believes that she is valuable to the company. Liam tells her to stop thinking that she is going to get back into the Forrester's lives.

Caroline shows that she wears a hat when she goes to the beach. She believes that they need to use hats for the accessories. Hope believes now that the Fullers are out, they need something else. Aly hopes that the Fullers are not out of business. Caroline wonders what is the difference now in her opinion. Aly explains Oliver has helped her out a lot with her opinions. Hope is shocked to hear that Oliver is dating Aly and is very happy for her. Hope wants them to all hang out.

Maya wonders how Rick can stand Caroline all the time and vice versa. Maya is sick of Caroline living her life. Oliver tells her to watch herself around here. Maya wants to be happy for everyone but she is sick of the Forresters having so much and she has nothing. Maya wanted to be on the inside and there is only one way on the inside in this company.

Quinn wonders what Liam did to earn Hope's respect. Quinn believes that Liam has not had to work for anything unlike Wyatt. Wyatt gave Hope a diamond, Liam wrote an article about puppies. Quinn does not get what she sees in Liam. Liam does not think about money nor does Hope. Quinn reminds Liam that Wyatt has been there for Hope unlike Liam. Quinn asks how this will effect her life. She wonders how it will effect Wyatt. Liam thinks that nothing will happen. Quinn believes that Liam's ego is being protected more than anything. Quinn wants Liam to talk to Hope and let Wyatt go back to Forrester by himself. Quinn thinks that if Liam is as happy as he claims to be with Hope then there should be no harm in allowing them to work together.

Carter thinks it is nice to see everyone in a good mood again. Rick wonders if Carter has seen anything different in Maya lately. She seems more tense lately.

Maya remembers when she was with Rick when they had first met while she gets her photos taken. Oliver wonders if she needs a break. Oliver tells her that she needs to be inspiring people. Maya believes that people like Aly have helped Oliver a lot. Maya only wanted one thing when she got out of prison and that was her daughter and now she wonders what it would be like to have Rick again. She does not think that Rick and her would be living in a guest house. Maya does not like Carter the same way that she likes Rick. Maya is sick of watching people like Caroline win while she plays it nice. She wishes her situation was better than it is now.

Quinn believes that Wyatt still cares about Hope. Liam is not going to let Wyatt anywhere near Hope. He thinks that is crazy. Quinn is not acting on herself. Liam thinks that she is and that the only thing he is going to regret about today is not throwing her out sooner. He only cares about his future with Hope.

Rick gets into the steam room and heaves a large sigh. When Maya walks into the room, Rick believes it is Caroline. He asks for a massage. Maya does it and Rick enjoys it a lot. He turns around to kiss her and sees it is Maya.

Aly asks Oliver where Maya is. Oliver tells her that she left because her mind was not into it. Aly feels the same way. Oliver wants Aly to do some modeling.

Caroline does not think it suits Hope to date two people. Hope loves them both but she is in love with Liam more.

Quinn makes her way back into the house and tells Liam she is not going to let him stand in the way of Wyatt's happiness. Quinn tells Liam about the bond he has with his father. Quinn grabs Liam's sword necklaces and tells him "live by the sword or die by the sword." She then stabs him, and he clutches at his throat.

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