B&B Tuesday Update 6/24/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/24/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke thanks Hope for being so supportive. She is shocked to find out what was happening here. She is happy that Liam and Hope are back together. Hope explains that Deacon paid him a business.

Quinn is happy that Deacon finally showed up. She explains that Liam threw Wyatt off the property when he showed up. She needs his help.

Wyatt sits down in his house and plays with the pillows. He finds one of Hope's scarves and looks sad.

Thorne sees Aly holding Oliver outside. Aly spots Thorne and says hi. Thorne tells her that she is needed down stairs. Thorne wants to know what his intentions are with Aly. Thorne is not going to bight Oliver's head off. Oliver explains no. Oliver is not going to do anything bad to Aly. Thorne is glad that he has been there for Aly but he needs to make sure that Oliver is truly there for Aly.

Wyatt thinks about Hope.

Hope explains that Deacon wants to spend time with Hope. Brooke wonders wheat he wants. Hope thinks that it was nice to see him.

Deacon does not think that anyone controls Hope. Quinn wonders if Hope mentioned Wyatt. Quinn believes that they should help each other help there children.

Thorne explains that Aly has been through a lot this year. Oliver is aware of everything that has happened to Aly. Thorne believes this is the first time that Aly has made any type of progress. Thorne tells him that she never had a boyfriend so this is serious. Thorne tells him that she trusts him and he better be right for her. Oliver tells him that he cares about her. Aly shows up and figures out that he just wanted alone time with Oliver.

Wyatt sighs and thinks about Hope.

Brooke tells Hope to be careful of Deacon. Hope is aware of everything but she wants to give him a second chance. Liam tells her to be careful. Brooke does not trust him. Hope knows and is not sure if she should either but Deacon wants to earn her trust. Hope would like to have a relationship with him. Hope is happy with this. Liam hugs her.

Deacon tells Quinn he does not want to mess with Hope's life again. Quinn explains that this would not be messing with her. Hope only left Wyatt because of what she did. Quinn wants help. Deacon thinks that Quinn may just be bad luck. Quinn wants to know what it will take. Deacon wants to stay with her. Quinn is shocked but says ok. Deacon will attempt to fix this. Quinn makes a deal.

Thorne explains that he was just having a little chat with Oliver. Aly thinks that he is worried. Thorne tries to deny it. Aly is older and she is over the past. Thorne thinks that Aly has changed completely. Thorne is happy to see her smile. Aly believes Oliver has helped her a lot. Thorne believes that Oliver is more experienced. Oliver is less experienced with what Aly has dealt with in life. Aly wonders if it is ok with Thorne for Aly to be with Oliver. He says yes and that he will stick around for a while as well.

Hope is in her office and Deacon shows up. Hope is shocked to see him in the building. Deacon tells her that he has his ways of getting in the building. Deacon asks if Ridge made it back. Hope says yes and they threw him a party. Deacon believes he will be fine. Hope thanks Deacon for the other day especially because he was right. Deacon is happy that he was able to do right by her. Hope does not want to talk about that. Deacon just thinks that is hard. Hope believes things went well.

Quinn shows up at Liam's. Quinn is going to keep showing up everywhere until Wyatt and Hope are together again. Quinn wants to be rid of Liam once and for all. Liam wonders if she is just a stalker or if this is serious. Quinn says it is.

Hope gets a phone call from Wyatt and she tells him that he cannot keep calling. Wyatt explains that he just wants to hang out with her. Hope hangs up. Hope says sorry to Deacon. Deacon wonders about Wyatt. Hope explains that they were together before going back to Liam. Hope will always have to be apart of his life because he is Liam's brother. Deacon wonders if he cheated on her. Hope says no. Hope had a lot of drama with his mother and Liam is strong and stable. Hope does not want Quinn as a mother in law.

Quinn thinks that Hope and Wyatt would still be together if it was not for that stunt in the middle east. Quinn thinks that Hope and Wyatt will be together again. Quinn did not do anything wrong but what Liam did is wrong. Quinn will not let Liam win. Liam thinks he would be married to Hope right now if it was not for her. Quinn thinks she saved Hope. She is going to haunt Liam. Quinn is not destroyed she is just more dangerous.

Aly asks what Oliver talked about with Thorne. Oliver tells her that they talked about intentions. Oliver is aware that Aly is falling for him. The two kiss.

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