B&B Monday Update 6/23/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/23/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric walks around as the party goes on. Katie hugs Ridge and is not sure if he is ready but things are going so well. Ridge cannot forget any of this.

Hope gives Wyatt a hug who explains this is a great moment for her family. He wishes he could be a part of it but he is not going to try anything. Wyatt understands that Hope is not ready but hopes that one day they can be in each other's lives. Liam walks out and is surprised.

Bill comes into Wyatt's house and wants to know where he is. Quinn explains that he is not here and so much has happened and she would like to catch him up.

Donna hopes that Ridge and Katie are not leaving. Katie says they are not. Ridge explains he is not going anywhere until every last lemon bar is eaten. Brooke knew that Ridge was going to come back into their lives and back to Katie. Katie smiles.

Quinn explains that Hope broke up with Wyatt because of Ridge. Quinn believes that now that Ridge is alive, things can get back to normal.

Wyatt just wanted to say he is happy. Liam does not think he should be here.

Quinn hopes that Hope will chill out and Wyatt will get back together with her and everyone will forgive her. Bill thinks that Quinn is still to blame. Bill blames her for everything that happened to him. Bill believes that Brooke and him are stronger than ever and now Quinn has nothing on him. Quinn knows she should not have sent the photo. Bill believes that Hope would have chose Liam over Wyatt eventually. Quinn does not believe that at all. Bill is not going to team up with Quinn for anything. Quinn just wants Bill to allow Wyatt to have a fair chance.

Wyatt just wants to let everyone know that he is happy for them. Liam believes he has no place here anymore. Liam does not think that Wyatt should be anywhere near the mansion. Liam wants Wyatt to respect his wishes.

Aly wants Thorne to stay longer this time. Thorne does not know, because he needs to be back in Paris. Aly wonders about him and Taylor. Thorne says they are fine.

Caroline jokes that she was very close to taking over Ridge's line. Ridge tells Caroline that if it were anyone that was going to take over, he would be glad that it was Caroline. Brooke watches as Katie and Ridge kiss and does not look happy.

Bill tells Quinn to not ask him to do anything ever. Quinn thinks that Bill should want to help his son. Bill has two sons that want the same girl and he is not getting involved. Bill thinks that Quinn should go far away from here. Quinn is not going to leave his life behind because of what happened. Quinn had dreams about him but she is over it. Quinn thinks that they should all be able to get along. Quinn believes that Hope would be happier with Wyatt. Bill thinks that Hope would be happy with Quinn getting out of her life. He begs her to leave because an angry mob is going to come after her led by Wyatt. He leaves.

Hope tells Liam that Wyatt was just happy to hear about Ridge. Hope makes it clear to Wyatt that she is with Liam.

Brooke tells everyone that she is very happy that Ridge is back under the watchful eye of Stephanie. He is safe with the woman he loves. Brooke knew he was alive. She knew that he was going to come back to Katie. Brooke sees the love that the two of them share. Brooke just knew that he had to come back and be there for the person that he loves, Katie. She has them all cheer.

Wyatt walks into his house and wants to know why Quinn is still there. Quinn was just about to leave. She wonders how Hope is doing. Wyatt explains that Hope is happy now that the stress is gone. He believes that Hope was happy to see him. Quinn thinks that she is because Liam was just there. Quinn wonders if Hope said anything about their jobs. Wyatt tells her that Liam was not happy to see him, ignoring what she said. Wyatt explains that he went around back and Hope came out. Liam kicked him out. Quinn thinks that he needs to be stopped and she can help. Wyatt demands that she stay away.

Katie thanks Brooke for her support. Katie knows that they are an unexpected couple, but she just knew that Ridge was alive. She was willing to search the entire Middle East to find him. Katie thinks that this whole experience shows they have a life to live and she cannot wait to start it. Brooke hugs Ridge. Ridge thanks all of them and explains it will take a little while to figure out what is going on. He will need to take some time before going back to work. He remembers the helicopter. He knew he was not home, and he was scared. He tried to imagine people that he loved and people that make him think of himself. He forgot a lot of the people, he says jokingly. He knows he is home because of how everyone makes him feel. Ridge loves that he has all these people. He wants to tell RJ that everything will always be fine. Ridge loves Katie and cannot wait to marry her. Katie hugs Ridge as she cries.

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