B&B Wednesday Update 6/18/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/18/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke smiles as she watches Katie and Ridge hug each other. Katie says he is alive. Ridge says the same. Ridge continues to let her hug him.

Aly and Oliver walk into the conference room and she asks Rick what Hope has called the meeting for. Rick does not know. Pam believes this is scary. Maya hopes it could be something good. Rick does not want anyone to speculate. Hope walks in and explains she has news. Hope screams in happiness that Ridge is alive. Hope explains she will say everything that she can she just needs to catch her breath. Everyone cheers and is happy.

Bill sits in a restaurant and Justin comes over to see him. Justin wonders if he has had any news. Bill tells him no. He cannot believe how this went. He just wanted to show Ridge a lesson. Justin explains that he has something he needs to say. Bill asks what. Justin tells him that Ridge might have seen him.

Katie tells Ridge never to that again. Eric asks where he has been. Ridge was found by someone and took in and now he is here. Eric has Brooke go in the other room to ask her something. Katie explains that Ridge should not say anything. They are going to investigate the moment they go home. Katie wants to go home.

Eric and Brooke watch as Katie and Ridge talk. Eric wonders if Brooke sees what he is seeing. Brooke does see the same thing and wonders if they should be worried. Eric believes that they are about to find out. Eric explains the doctor is on his way.

Hope can only imagine what it must have been like to find Ridge. Aly prayed. Oliver thinks it worked. Carter whispers to Maya to stop eye balling Oliver right now. He tells her it is not the right time. Maya knows this.

Bill cannot believe this. Justin did not want him to have more on his plate than he already did. Justin explains that he was wearing the Spencer Publication logo. Ridge may have been able to put two and two together. Bill believes that if Ridge is dead they do not have to worry.

Ridge asks if he can go home now. Eric tells him they need to hear what the doctor has to say. The doctor tells him that he had a concussion. He was taken in by a family and they were the ones who have been taking care of him. Eric wants to know why they did not call anyone. The doctor tells all of them that the family is being questioned right now. Eric asks what is his condition. He tells them that he has memory loss. He needs to be monitored. Ridge thanks him and says he is good now. The doctor tells them that he can keep in touch. He leaves. Ridge wants to leave. Brooke says that RJ has been dying to see him. Ridge does not exactly seem to know who RJ is. Katie wants a moment alone with Ridge. Brooke and Eric leave the room. Katie wonders if he really did hit his head really bad. Katie wonders if Ridge remembers them.

Hope tells Liam that this is great. She loves that Ridge is alive. She was scared. She needs to tell Ridge that he means a lot to her. Liam knows that. Liam thinks that this is great. Hope wonders if he knows that he did not lose her. Hope is never going to stop loving him. The two kiss.

Aly thanks Oliver for being there for her. He is always going to be there. Aly could not imagine what it would be like without Ridge. Oliver could not imagine that either. Maya does not look happy. Pam tells Rick that she is happy they have a happy ending. Rick did not want lose him as much as he does not get along. Pam tells him he better tell Ridge that. The two hug.

Bill tells Justin that no one can ever know that he dumped Ridge out of the helicopter. Brooke comes to see them and she tells them that Ridge is alive.

Katie is sorry that she is asking this. The only thing that matters to her is that she can reach out and touch him. She does not know what she would do without him. They have all the time in the world now. They can pick up where they left off. Katie cries.

Pam asks Donna if she says something that she cannot make fun of her. Donna says she will try. Donna believes that it was Stephanie who did this. Donna believes that could be possible. Hope calls everyone back into the room. Hope thinks they should all be lucky to have Ridge back. She believes they need to make vows and be more aware. Hope wants them to be nicer and more forgiving. Hope wants them to all remember how they are feeling right now. She is blessed to have everyone in her life. She cannot tell them how much it means to her that she has another chance to tell Ridge how much she loves him. They all clap.

Bill wonders if she is sure. Brooke says she is the one who found him. He is alright but he does not remember everything. Brooke thinks that will pass though. The important thing is that he is alive. Justin thinks this is wonder news.

Katie knows he has been through a lot. Ridge needs to get home to his son. Katie thinks that everyone is going to be happy to have him back. Katie shows him the ribbon. She remembers when he tied it on her finger. It was romantic and beautiful. Katie tells him that she is going to half faith that they will remember how they fell in love. How they planned to share the rest of there lives together. Katie asks Ridge to tell her that he remembers.

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