B&B Tuesday Update 6/17/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/17/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke looks out into the ocean and notices a man walking along the ocean shore. Brooke wonders if it is Ridge. She walks slowly towards him. She then runs faster and goes to see if it him. She says his name and it is him. She hugs him and he hugs her. She starts crying.

Deacon asks how Hope is doing. Hope wonders what he is doing here. Deacon wonders if he can come in. Hope thinks it has been a while. Deacon is sorry that he has not kept in touch. He believes that she looks great. Hope tells Deacon that Ridge is missing right now and no one knows where he is. Deacon is sorry to hear this. He believes that he will be fine.

Brooke is speechless. Ridge says hi. She whispers it unable to really talk. She smiles.

Hope wants Deacon to be right. To many people depend on him. Deacon believes that he was more a father than Ridge ever was. Hope says that is because Brooke kept him away. Deacon tells her she was probably right to do it. Hope has not forgotten about Italy but so much as happened since then and all she can think of is Ridge. Deacon thinks that Brooke must be very sad right now. Hope says Katie is too. Hope explains that Katie is now dating Ridge.

Katie and Thorne sit in a restaurant together. Katie does not know what she should be feeling. Thorne agrees. Katie keeps telling herself she has to keep faith. She has to believe that someone has to find him alive. Katie thought she would know, she thought she would feel it but she does not know what to feel. She keeps believing that he is still alive.

Eric looks out the window and the maps. Brooke runs in and asks where Katie is. Brooke brings in Ridge. Eric is very happy and goes over to hug him. Ridge hugs back. Eric is very happy. Brooke is crying again.

Deacon looks at a photo and puts it down. He takes a deep breath. Hope brings him a bottle of water and he thanks him. Hope tells him that she is back with Liam. Deacon wonders if he is good to her. Hope tells him yes. Hope tells him about Wyatt but after everything that has happened with Ridge she knows that she wants Liam. Deacon hopes that the makes her happy. Deacon tells her that he wants to build a relationship with her. He loves her and he knows he does not deserve it but he would like the chance to be her dad.

Katie cannot imagine her world without Ridge. She was just discovering him and now he is gone. Thorne believes they will find him soon. Thorne cannot go through this again. He has already lost to many people. Thorne may have always had his differences but Ridge has always been there for him.

Eric thinks it is great to see him. Brooke believes that he has made it back to him. Ridge just wants to go home. Eric tells him that Thorne is here. Brooke tells him that Katie is back too. Eric tells Stephanie that their boy is back. Brooke laughs in joy.

Katie looks at the ribbon on her finger. Thorne believes that Ridge better upgrade that ring when he gets back to LA. Katie planned to spend the rest of her life with Ridge. Thorne believes that can still happen. Thorne believes he will show up. Katie is going to get her phone and see if there is any news.

Eric tells Ridge that he has a dozen people searching for him. Brooke figures out that Katie did not bring her phone with her and that must be why she is not picking up. Brooke believes that it will take some time to get Ridge to feel fine. Ridge says he feels fine. Brooke knew it was Ridge and she went to get him. Eric bets she could not believe her eyes. Eric tells Brooke that he going to call the search team.

Hope gets a phone call from Brooke explaining that Ridge is alive. Hope wonders if he is ok. Hope thinks that is amazing. Brooke loves her and will call her later. Hope tells Deacon that Ridge is fine. Deacon and her hug.

Brooke knew it in her gut that they had been connected for so many years. Brooke knows this bond will never go away. Ridge looks at her clueless.

Hope thinks this is the best news she has got in her entire life. She does not even know what she is feeling right now. Hope thinks everything is great. Deacon wants to leave Hope with this so that she can remain happy. Hope thanks him. Hope explains this is the most epic day ever to happen. Hope cannot wait to tell everyone that Ridge Forrester is alive and well. Hope can only imagine what this would be like.

Brooke tells Ridge that she will always be there for him. Brooke loves that she can look into his eyes and be near him. Brooke wants to know what happened. She is just so happy that he is alive. Ridge hugs her. Brooke will never let go. Katie walks in the room and is shocked. Brooke smiles. Ridge looks over at Katie as she starts to cry. Ridge stands up and she hugs him. Eric walks back in the room and smiles. Ridge looks at her and she kisses him.

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