B&B Monday Update 6/16/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/16/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn thinks that Deacon is lying and that Hope's father is in jail. She remembers his name. Deacon Sharpe. Deacon tells her she is correct.

Wyatt shows up at Liam's. Liam tells him that Quinn showed up at the house. Wyatt wonders if he still envy's him for having a mother.

Hope is holding her cat. Rick believes that they should be up by now on the other side of the world. Caroline wonders if they should keep pretending everything is fine or should they start preparing for the inevitable.

Brooke wonders if they have any news. Bill and Thorne do not know what is going on yet. Katie is in panic and believes that something bad is happening. Brooke believes that today is going to be different. One of the people searching for Ridge explains that the search has ended. Eric wonders if this means that someone found something. He explains no. Bill tells him that he will pay whatever he can to keep the search going. The man explains that they are not giving up however they have done all they can do.

Rick wonders what is going on. Hope thinks that she should call up Liam to see if Bill knows anything. Aly believes that is Liam knew anything he would be here. Aly asks if Hope is back together with Liam. Hope tells her yes. Aly thinks that is good news then.

Quinn looks at a photo of him online and it turns out that he really is Deacon. Quinn cannot believe this. She thinks that Deacon just walked into a whole lot of action. Quinn wonders how long he has been back in LA. Deacon tells her he isn't. Quinn wonders if he has seen Hope. Deacon says no and wonders if she is ok. Quinn tells him that Hope is being manipulated by Liam and is being taken away by everyone who loves her. Deacon believes that is the Spencer way. Deacon cannot believe that she is friends with Hope. Quinn thought that she was going to be her mother-in-law. Quinn explains that she is Wyatt Spencer's mother. Deacon cannot believe that Bill has another bastard son. Quinn tells him pretty much.

Wyatt eats some of the ice cream he had left and it tastes disgusting. Wyatt is sorry that he hit him. Liam says it is fine. Wyatt wonders if Hope knows. Liam tells him that it won't work. Wyatt explains that he is the brotherly brother. Liam is the "I was here first" brother. Liam does not believe that. Liam explains there were times he wished he was more like Wyatt but he got over it.

Hope answers the phone and Brooke is on the other line. She explains they have called off the search. They plan to get a new search team. Brooke tells her not to let anyone tell RJ. Hope agrees.

Katie wants to know why no one has questioned the pilot. She believes that if anyone knows, it would be him. Bill takes a deep breath. Eric believes that there should be criminal charges against the pilot.

The search team leaves. Thorne wonders how much sense it makes to stay there. Katie is not leaving without Ridge. Bill wonders what they can do now. Brooke wants to get some air alone. Katie tells Bill he was warned. Ridge will always come first no matter who she claims to love.

Caroline and Rick leave. Aly stays. Hope tells Aly she would like it if they could be friends again. Aly tells her she never was not her friend. Hope tells her that when she was younger she didn't know what her values were yet. She didn't think that they were right to tell other people. Aly believes they are still good values. Aly is just happy she is with Liam.

Wyatt wonders if Hope is coming back tonight. Liam says no. Wyatt wonders if Hope is moving in. Liam tells him no. Wyatt tells Liam not to marry her it will be a mistake. He knows that she will say she wants it, but she discovered herself with him (Wyatt). Liam wonders what Wyatt thought there life was like. Liam believes that they were both satisfied.

Deacon asks for the check. Quinn wonders why he is leaving. Deacon tells her that she should ask her boyfriend. Quinn does not have a boyfriend. Bill is just a man who fathered her son. Deacon tells her that he does not share woman with Bill Spencer. Quinn explains that he already has. Deacon looks confused. Quinn laughs and tells him that Brooke and Bill went off to get married. Quinn tells him not to worry because she stopped them. Deacon asks if Ridge came back from Europe. Quinn tells him yes. He knows that the two did not get re married. Quinn cannot believe that another man wants Brooke Logan. She cannot see what men see in her. She explains that Ridge is no longer a problem because he is shark bate. She tells the whole story or Ridge's disappearance. Deacon asks if he is dead. Quinn does not know. Deacon knows that Ridge raised Hope. Quinn believes that is why he should go see her. Quinn gives him her phone number. She wants to know what happens when he goes to see her. She knows he has questions and she has the answers.

Liam believes they need to find another way to talk. Wyatt tells Liam that his relationship with Hope is different. Liam tells him that is over. Wyatt does not think it is. Liam believes the two of them were living in a fantasy. Wyatt thinks he is condescending. Wyatt wonders if Hope is reminded of Ridge and that is the attraction. Liam tells Wyatt he is going to be in his life. He wants him to but he has to accept that the story is closed and nothing is going to change that.

While Hope looks at a photo of Ridge and Brooke, there's a knock on the door. She asks who it is. The person says it is the last person she wants to see. She goes to open the door and looks shocked to see Deacon.

Katie tells Eric she has to get out of this room. Thorne goes after her.

Brooke looks at the beach. She then notices a man walking in the surf and wonders if it is Ridge.

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