B&B Thursday Update 6/12/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/12/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Juanita


In Malibu, Hope and Liam are on his couch discussing recent events.  They are both so happy they found their way back to each other.  Hope laments about making Liam jump through hoops but he reassures he would’ve waited forever.  Liam asks if Hope heard from her mom in relation to Ridge.  There is still no sign of Ridge.  Hope shares that Brooke blames Quinn.  Liam states they will find him…Ridge has too much to live for. Hope reflects on Ridge’s influence on her life.  Conversation turns to Wyatt and his proposal. 

Liam updates Hope on Quinn’s visit while she was in Big Bear.  Hope explains that while they were in Big Bear, she not only broke it off with Wyatt but asked that he and his mom be gone by the time Brooke returns.  Liam tells Hope that he will clear out some drawers when she is ready.  He doesn’t think she should move in until they are married.  Hope exclaims how much Liam understands her and they kiss. 

At Forrester, Quinn is working as Wyatt walks in.  Quinn questions why he isn’t in Big Bear.  Wyatt responds that the jewelry she is working on will never go in production.  He explains that the Forrester’s hate what she did, and in turn, hate him.  They are done at Forrester…more importantly, Hope is done with him!  Quinn asks about what happened at Big Bear.  Wyatt fills her in…he proposed and she refused.  He blames Quinn for setting these events in motion.  Quinn still defends her actions.  Wyatt continues to blame her and chastises her for not taking responsibility.  Wyatt continues to share his disappointment and growing desire to get Quinn out of his life.  He explains she spends too much energy on him.  He asks her to go back to the factory and he wants nothing more to do with her.  Quinn leaves.  Quinn runs into Aly in the hallway.  Aly asks for her security pass.  Quinn refuses and states she will give it up only when Eric asks for it.  Aly snarkily tells Quinn that Wyatt is a loser like his mommy and walks off.  Back in the office, Wyatt flashes to happier times with Hope. 

Aly finds Oliver in his studio working.  They both haven’t heard any updates about Ridge.  Oliver shows Aly a slideshow he made as a tribute to Ridge.  She thanks him.  Aly receives a text from Thorne.  He is on his way to Abu Dhabi to assist with the search.  Aly can’t wait until Ridge is back so he can get in Quinn’s face like Rick.  She is confident that there is no way for Quinn and Wyatt to “worm” their way back into Forrester now…especially since Hope ended her relationship with Wyatt.  Aly brings Oliver up to speed on the latest surrounding Wyatt and Hope and his fight with Liam.  Oliver praises Aly on her good instincts and reminds that some good will come out of this situation.  He compliments her and they kiss.

Maya walks into Carter’s office as he finishes fielding calls on Ridge’s behalf.  Maya questions how long he and the Forrester’s can keep this up but Carter insists they must, for RJ’s sake.  Maya understands. Carter is not only Ridge’s right hand, but his friend as well.  Maya comments on Oliver’s loyalty to Aly.  Carter argues that he doesn’t see a problem with Oliver and Aly’s relationship…especially now with the tragedy surrounding Ridge.  Maya continues to question Oliver’s motivations towards Aly, bringing up the recording on her cell phone. She insists his intentions aren’t honorable.  Carter continues to disagree.

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