B&B Wednesday Update 6/11/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/11/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope looks at the ring. Wyatt asks her to marry him. Hope does not know what to say. Wyatt tells her to say yes. He gets down on one knee and tells her to say she will be his wife.

Quinn knows that Liam will be great with another woman but not Hope. Liam wonders how breaking up with someone can be considered romantic but then remembers it is Quinn he is talking to.

Aly thinks she is doing fine now thanks to Oliver. Oliver believes that it is all on Aly she is growing up. Maya who is watching from the door cannot believe what she is seeing. The two kiss each other. Aly thinks that Liam needs to know about what Quinn did. Aly has to go. She believes this is the perfect time for Liam to make his move. Maya runs off. Aly leaves. Maya walks in and slams the door. She tells Oliver to stop this. Maya tells him to stop using her.

Rick tells Carter to prepare some documents for termination on Quinn.

Quinn knows that Wyatt will make Hope see that she is over reacting. Liam wonders where Ridge is right now. Quinn did not push him out of the helicopter. Liam believes that Quinn is being blamed by everyone. Liam thinks this is the final straw that will get them out of their lives.

Wyatt believes that this has all been great. Wyatt asks her to marry him. Hope thinks the ring is beautiful. Wyatt thinks that is great. He asks if this is a yes. Hope tells Wyatt he should stand up. Hope's phone rings and it is Brooke. Brooke explains that there is no news. Brooke cannot believe that Quinn did this. She will never forgive her. She does not know what she will do if Ridge is dead. Hope believes that Ridge is fine. Hope tells her to say if she has heard anything. Hope explains that Brooke blames Quinn. Wyatt thinks he could still be alive.

Caroline thinks that Quinn would quit on her own. Quinn walks in and asks who they are all talking about.

Oliver is not backing off. He no longer feels that way about her. He cares about Aly.

Aly hopes that Liam is not interrupting. Liam tells her it is fine because Quinn just left. Aly asks if he knows then. Liam tells her he does. Aly notices his face and asks what happened to it. Liam tells her that Hope is ending it.

Hope believes that meeting Wyatt might have got Ridge killed. Ridge is gone. Ridge raised her when her own dad did not want anything to do with her. Hope believes that Wyatt and Quinn should leave before Brooke gets back.

Quinn wonders what this is all about. Quinn wonders if Ridge is alive. Caroline says they do not know yet. Quinn gets a phone call from Brooke. Quinn tells her that she is sorry that Ridge got so mad and came after her. Brooke cannot believe that Quinn is blaming Ridge. Quinn tells her that he did go after her. Brooke believes that Quinn did this. Brooke is not going to lose Ridge because of her.

Hope believes that Brooke needs them gone. Hope needs to be done. Hope got lost with HFTF and Quinn does not have anything that her line represents. Wyatt tells her that he is nothing like Quinn. Hope knows that. She believes it is impressive that he has turned out this way. Hope has made a choice. She is going back to Liam. Hope tells him that they have had a great ride but this is where it ends. Wyatt refuses to be the bad boy in her life. Wyatt thinks that this is how she is. Hope does not want to be that way anymore. Hope can't do this and walks out.

Quinn thinks that it was an awkward phone call. Carter tells Rick he will get started on the paper work. Quinn is not going to hold any anger towards her against Brooke right now. Quinn is the scapegoat right now. Quinn understands that. Ridge will be fine and back to work before they all know it. Rick tells her that they are going to fire her. Both Quinn and Wyatt will be far away.

Wyatt sits down and holds a candle. He remembers all the times that he has spent with Hope. He blows out the candle.

Hope shows up back at Liam's. Hope smiles and the two hug. Hope explains she told him. It was painful. He proposed to her. Liam wonders if she is ok. Hope tells him that they were at Big Bear. Hope turned him down and it is over. Hope feels re leaved now that she is back to Liam. She believes they are supposed to be together. Hope lost sight of this. Liam waited. She thanks him for that. She just needed to step away to see them clearly. She thanks him for not giving up. Hope loves Liam. Hope and Liam kiss each other then they hug.

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