B&B Tuesday Update 6/10/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/10/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt tells Hope that he is not his mom. Hope knows but Quinn cannot be part of his world. Wyatt is not going to lose her because of Quinn.

Quinn thinks that Liam is crazy if he thinks that Hope is coming back. Wyatt believes that Quinn will be out at Forrester and everyone's life as soon as this mess is over. She has screwed up big this time.

Aly cannot believe that Quinn set this up. Pam says yes and all because she wanted Bill. Pam cannot believe that Quinn would need to do this. Maya thinks it is crazy how much one picture can do so much damage. Aly believes that Quinn is responsible for whatever happens to Ridge.

Quinn works at Forrester for her jewelry not for any other reason. She knows that Hope's feelings change though. Quinn wonders why Hope would want a man who doesn't waffle and go between two different woman. Quinn knows that Hope and Wyatt are perfect for each other. Quinn knows that Hope will never come back to Liam.

Hope tells Wyatt that is her choice. Wyatt believes she is making a choice based on a reaction. Hope does not think that has anything to do with her choice. Wyatt believes that Hope is not ready to walk away from them.

Carter and Maya walk out of the conference room. Carter gets an alert to go to racket ball with Ridge. Maya knows they will find him. Maya wonders if Aly and Oliver are ok. She does not want to see Aly being taken advantage of.

Oliver asks how Thorne is. Aly explains that he is worried and is on his way to help search.

Rick explains to Caroline that Brooke told them to stay here because he is needed. Pam tells him to fire Quinn tonight.

Liam wonders why Quinn is here right now. He thinks she has messed up priorities. Quinn does feel guilty she claims. Liam thinks that the only thing on her mind right now is Hope being with Wyatt. Liam believes that her one track mind is about to hurt her.

Hope has to give up Wyatt because she cannot take Quinn anymore. Wyatt does not think that it should matter. Hope explains that she has changed a lot. She is justifying things that would have never been ok with her before. She is not mad at Wyatt for the diamond theft anymore. She had a lot of fun with Wyatt but when it comes to settling down with someone Liam is better. She has had enough. So much has happened and now Ridge can be dead. She is always going to care about Wyatt but she cannot do this anymore. Hope cries.

Aly wonders how Oliver makes her always feel good. Oliver believes that Ridge will come home.

Rick just cannot do this without talking to Eric. Pam believes that Quinn is evil and needs to be out of here.

Liam believes he is high and mighty right now. Quinn cannot believe that Liam could not just leave. Hope was happy. Liam needs to get out of the way.

Wyatt knows that Hope does not mean what she is saying right now. Wyatt knew that he was the right choice for her. Wyatt believes that she is settling. Hope does not think that. Wyatt tells Hope not to just go back to Liam because it is easy. Hope cannot keep her reactions of him anymore. Wyatt wants to know what her reactions are now. Hope can't do this anymore. Hope was just confused Liam had let her down to many times. Wyatt knows that Hope loves him. Hope can trust Liam though. Wyatt told Hope the truth on the trip they went on. Hope cannot do this anymore. Wyatt wonders if Hope would really like to be with Liam the rest of her life. Hope believes that is her future.

Aly thanks Oliver. Oliver has not done anything. Aly thinks that Oliver being around makes her feel safe. Oliver is glad that she has said this though because he will always make her feel safe. Maya walks in and sees that they are doing.

Liam believes that Quinn does not get it. Quinn has seen all the ad's for HFTF she knows all about her. Liam knows that Hope has seen the truth and now he can marry Hope. This time he will make sure that nothing stops them.

Hope warned Quinn but she is crazy. Hope has been looking the other way but she cannot do that anymore. Wyatt begs her to spend the night here. Hope does not want to do that. Wyatt begs her to. Hope cries. Hope cannot does this. Wyatt thinks he made a mistake trying to play it cool. Wyatt wanted to be different than Liam. Hope believes he did but she can't be with him anymore. Wyatt loves Hope with everything that he is. He always will. Wyatt takes a ring out and tells her to say yes.

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