B&B Monday Update 6/9/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/9/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope kisses Liam and tells him thank you for waiting and giving her this time. Liam thanks her for coming back to him. His nose still hurts but he thinks it was well worth it now that they are back together.

Quinn wants to know where Hope is. Wyatt explains that Liam has her now. Quinn cannot believe that everyone is blaming her. Wyatt is not going to lose Hope over this. Quinn wants to know what they are going to do about this then. Wyatt wants to know why she wants to help. Quinn explains that he needs her help to get Hope back.

Aly wants to know what has happened to Ridge. Rick explains that Rick and Katie went to the Middle East. Aly wants to know why. Carter tells her that Ridge has been in an accident. Rick explains that Brooke and her were in a helicopter and Ridge fell out. Rick does not know how it happened but he fell out. Aly wants to know what happened to him. Caroline explains he is still missing.

Quinn thinks it felt good that Wyatt finally punched Liam. Wyatt can't do anything else to get Hope back. He has to play it straight. Quinn thinks that he is over reacting. Quinn thinks that Hope loves Wyatt and she is never going to be happy with Liam. Quinn has a plan.

Hope gets a text that explains they have not found Ridge back. Liam tells Hope that she should not stop believing. Hope thinks she might be fooling herself. Liam believes they still will find a body. He could be perfectly fine. Hope thanks him for being positive.

Rick shows everyone on a map where they are searching for Ridge. Pam thinks Ridge could have swam to shore or a boat could have picked him up. Rick believes they will find him no one is going anywhere until they do.

Quinn walks down the hall and goes into Pam's desk. She finds a key and quickly runs off.

Liam thinks they should save the champagne for when Ridge is safe. Hope feels like an idiot. She was warned so many times about Quinn. They would be married right now if it was not for her. Liam thinks at the time Steffy was a huge issue for them. Hope cannot believe that she put Liam through all this the past few months. Liam was fine with it. He loves her to much. Liam kisses her.

Wyatt wants to know what Quinn is up to. Quinn gives Wyatt the keys to the big bear cabin. Quinn wants to know if he wants alone time with Hope. Quinn believes this is the ticket if so. It is where it all started. Wyatt should call her right now before Hope does something they both are going to regret. Wyatt runs out with the key.

Hope and Liam continue to kiss. Liam wonders if they should move on with there life now. Liam believes they have earned every moment with them. Hope needs to talk to Wyatt first. She did feel something very honest with him. She can't trust him anymore though. She does not want to ignore the past anymore. She cannot put up with this anymore. Liam thinks that Quinn is going to hurt Hope if she stays around her anymore. Liam does not want to think about this but it could have been Hope instead of Ridge. Hope feels bad for Wyatt to have a mother like Quinn. Hope is going to go see him. Liam kisses Hope and she leaves.

Pam has questions. Rick explains he went to go get Brooke. Aly cannot believe why Ridge would do this. Pam wants to know what sent him over there. Rick explains it was Quinn. She emailed a photo that she took of her and Bill Spencer.

Hope gets a phone call from Wyatt. Wyatt wants to meet her at the cabin in big bear. Hope does not think that is a good idea. Wyatt tells her it is for the best. Hope is on her way.

Quinn comes to Liam's house. He wants to know what she wants. Quinn explains that Hope probably is not coming back. Liam thinks otherwise. They are back together and this time for good.

Aly wants to know what they were doing in the photo. She puts it together and cannot believe it. Pam is shocked. Aly wants to know why Quinn would do that. Pam thinks that it was to get Bill to be with her. Pam believes Quinn is the devil.

Quinn thinks that Liam took advantage of a family tragedy and she is the evil one. Liam won he believes. Quinn is not going let Hope break up with Wyatt. Quinn knows what is going down. A broken heart will happen tonight but it will not be Wyatt's.

Hope shows up at the cabin and opens the door. Candles are lit all over the place. She sees a bunch of photos of the two of them on a tablet. Hope wants to know how he got in here. Wyatt explains that Quinn got the key. Wyatt does not like what she does but Liam was being a jerk. Wyatt is not Quinn. Wyatt went for a walk earlier. He went to see where they first met. Hope wonders if he was dressed this time. Wyatt explains yes. He brought her here to show Hope what she means to him. Wyatt explains that nothing has changed. Wyatt knows Quinn did something stupid but it was her not him. He is upset too but he is not going to lose the only woman that he has ever loved because of what his mother did and he knows that she does not want that either.

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