B&B Friday Update 6/6/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/6/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Juanita

At Forrester, Liam is knocked out on the floor as Hope rushes to his side.   Hope can’t believe Wyatt hit him…is this who he really is?  Wyatt tries to stammer out an explanation but looks helpless.  He finally gets out that he is not a violent person. Quinn claims Liam said awful things to her that warranted Wyatt’s actions. Liam wakes and says everything he said is true.  Hope helps him up.    He repeats that if anything happens to Ridge, it is Quinn’s fault.  Wyatt interrupts and claims he might’ve overreacted, but Liam has no right blaming people, especially his mother.  Liam continues that he doesn’t know how Hope feels, but according to him Quinn is an accomplice in Ridge’s possible death.  They are finished at Forrester Creations.  Quinn argues that all she did was provide a picture of the real Bill Spencer.  Hope cuts in questioning why she did that.  Quinn claims she knew that Bill shouldn’t be getting married to Brooke.  Bill is the kind of man that doesn’t need a ceremony.  Hope looks at Quinn in awe.  Hope can’t believe Quinn can just explain this tragedy away.  Hope begins to count down the list of Quinn’s actions: the forwarded email to Steffy, locking Liam in the steam room, etc.  Quinn states she is fine with taking the blame as long as this doesn’t affect Wyatt.  Hope gives her a long look, shakes her head and leaves with Liam.  After Wyatt argue with Quinn.  She claims it is all Liam, not her.  Both agree that Liam is using this situation to his advantage.  She promises not to let her mistake ruin Wyatt’s relationship with Hope.

Hope is tending to Liam’s bruise with an ice bag.  She remarks that Aly has been saying good things about him lately. She continues that she feels partly to blame for Quinn and Wyatt as she is the one that brought them on board at Forrester.  She laments that Quinn and Wyatt have both lied to her and that the diamond heist will always be in the back of her mind.  Liam understands.  Talk turns to the latest situation with Ridge.  Hope begins to question her ability to be with someone whose mother is responsible for so much pain?  Everything is now clear; Hope wants to be with Liam.  They kiss.

On the jet, Katie flashes back to happier times with Ridge.  Eric notices her distress and tries to comfort her.  They will be landing soon.   Katie nods and they both agree Ridge will be waiting for them when they land…with an explanation.  Seeing Katie’s obvious pain, Eric stresses they will be bringing Ridge home.  He gives Katie a hug. 

Brooke and Bill are with the rescue team.  There is still no body.  Bill sees this as an opportunity…evidence that Ridge is still alive!  Bill asks if they need additional resources but the search captain explains that after a certain amount of time, it makes no sense to continue the search.  Brooke cuts in that Ridge is alive…somewhere if not in the water.  Another member of the search team interrupts the conversation and makes a statement about the press.  It is getting harder and harder to field their calls!  They must, implores Brooke; she hasn’t even told RJ about the accident yet.  The member explains, it might be time that she has that talk, things are not looking good.  Bill is on the phone, trying to add more divers to the rescue search.  Still no news on Ridge.  There is a knock on the door.  It’s Katie and Eric, they just landed.  Both are quickly updated on the rescue search.  Brooke consoles Katie stating they will find Ridge no matter what. She recounts the events leading to the fall with Katie and Eric.  Katie quickly begins to blame Bill but Brooke cuts in and states he isn’t at fault. Katie apologizes.  Bill turns his back looking guilty. 

Eric asks if Brooke has told RJ. She says she hasn’t…she quietly states she wants to know either way. Katie cuts in and shouts that Ridge IS alive, they haven’t found his body!  Brooke and Eric quickly agree.  Eric asks Bill about the helicopter’s height and he assures Ridge survived. Brooke leaves for some air.  Bill and Katie stare at each other and Bill reassures that Ridge survived.  Katie states he better hope so.  She knows he is not entirely at fault, Quinn sent that picture.  She knew what Ridge would do. On the beach, Brooke looks out onto the water and tells herself she would feel it if Ridge were dead.

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