B&B Thursday Update 6/5/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/5/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Juanita

Bill and Justin are in his Abu Dhabi suite nervously discussing Ridge’s fall.  Justin explains he didn’t see Ridge once he hit the water…he only did what his BOSS asked him to do.  Bill flashes back to Ridge climbing into the helicopter and his call to Justin.  He hisses that he watched from the helipad and it didn’t appear that Justin was too high.  Justin agrees.  They must find Ridge immediately!  They continue to loudly whisper about their current situation and each hope that Brooke doesn’t catch wind of their part in the tragedy.  Brooke enters asking who flew the helicopter claiming the pilot is responsible for causing Ridge to fall.  Bill ends a call and tells Justin the search team is meeting in the lobby, he wants him involved.  Justin agrees and leaves.  Bill shares a long look with Brooke.  He gives her a hug and both have worried looks on their faces.  Brooke questions his relationship with Quinn.  Bill reminds that he was drunk and he thought she was marrying Ridge. It was a mistake that he regrets.  His phone rings and its Quinn.  He asks about the picture and then yells that he wants nothing to do with her and hangs up.  The search for Ridge continues with everyone echoing the same sentiment:  this is Quinn’s fault.  Brooke then begins to blame herself.  Brooke and Bill embrace.


On the plane with Eric, Katie nervously looks out the window.  They discuss Ridge, the fact that he fell out of the helicopter and has yet to be found.  With tears in her eyes she tells herself Ridge will be OK, and then vehemently blames Quinn for sending Ridge the selfie in the first place, which sent him on the crazy mission to Abu Dhabi.  Eric reminds her that Ridge was looking for a smoking gun.  Katie agrees but adds that Quinn manipulated the situation.  Her motivations are obvious; she wanted to stop Bill's wedding and used Ridge to make that happen. Eric ends a call on the plane.  No new updates.  Both curse Quinn again for her careless actions.  He tries to assuage Katie’s fears; sure Ridge was picked up by a nearby boat.  They reflect on her and Ridge’s relationship.  Katie looks at photos of Ridge and flashes back to happier times.

At Forrester, Wyatt and Quinn watch as Liam and Hope continue to talk.  He whispers this isn’t looking good for him.  Quinn suggests he break up their conversation by taking Hope out for coffee.  Coffee?!  That’s the last thing he is thinking about.  He is concerned about all of the mess his mother has created!  Quinn believes this problem will work itself out, she thinks Ridge will be OK.  Wyatt has serious doubts, falling from a helicopter into the ocean doesn’t sound positive. 

Liam continues to tell Hope how toxic he thinks Quinn AND Wyatt are.  Hope states she will deal with that later, her biggest concern is finding Ridge and his safety.  Liam agrees.  He underlines that Quinn knew what she was doing when she sent Ridge the picture, and didn’t care about the fallout she created.  Hope needs to cut these people out of her life!  Hope hangs up the phone.  Nothing new to report she shares with Quinn, Wyatt and Liam. 

Hope shares how helpless she feels with Wyatt.  He understands.  He asks if she holds him responsible.  She doesn’t but definitely holds Quinn responsible.  He mutters that he should’ve deleted the selfie himself.  Hope calls Brooke.  After the call she laments over how many people count and depend on Ridge.   Wyatt pleads with Hope to not let Liam and this situation put a damper on their relationship.

Quinn walks in on Liam as he is checking his phone.  She blames Liam for milking the situation and trying to secure a position with Hope.  They argue as Quinn keeps refusing to take any responsibility for her actions.  Liam lays into Quinn calling her a “vile b&#ch” which leads to a knock-out punch from Wyatt…with Hope watching!

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