B&B Wednesday Update 6/4/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/4/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie demands to know if Ridge is ok. Brooke tells her over the phone that she does not know. There were no doors on the helicopter and Ridge fell out into the gulf. They have not found him yet. Katie cannot believe this.

Wyatt asks Liam how this is even possible. Wyatt thinks there has to be something they can do. Quinn thinks everything is going to be fine. Liam wonders how Quinn feels knowing she might be responsible for the death of Ridge Forrester.

Katie does not think this makes any sense. Katie knew that Ridge should not have gone. She hopes that he comes home. Caroline and Rick come in and ask what is going on. Hope tells the three of them that Ridge went to the Middle East and Ridge fell out of a helicopter. Caroline asks how. Eric wants to know how this happened. Hope does not know, no one can find him.

Quinn asks how this is her fault. Wyatt does not think it is. Liam thinks it is because she sent the selfie. Quinn accidently sent the photo. Liam believes that Quinn instigated this from the start.

Bill tells Brooke that they will get Ridge back. They will get him home. Brooke cannot believe this happened. She thinks about what happened in her head. Brooke tells Bill they have to find him. They have to find Ridge.

Wyatt tells Liam that all he is doing is trying to blame his mother. Wyatt wonders how long it will be before Liam tries to get him fired and break up with Hope again. Wyatt calls Bill. Hope comes in and explains this does not feel real. She is distressed. Hope does not know what to do. Quinn tells Hope that Liam is blaming her for the accident. Liam thinks everyone would be ok if she had not become involved.

Maya and Carter are so sorry that this is happening to all of them. Eric and Katie know that he is going to be ok. Eric tells them that Bill is using his resources the best he can.

A bunch of Coast Guardsmen all gather in Brooke's room. Brooke remembers when Ridge returned.

Bill meets the head of the search team. Bill tells him that he wants updates every minute. No one is leaving until they find Ridge. Bill tells Brooke it is only a matter of time before they find Ridge. They will make up and life will go on. Brooke cannot let Ridge die. A lot of people are looking for him. The head of the search explains that they are getting ready to make this a search for a body. Brooke believes he is alive out there.

Liam asks if Hope is ok. Hope thanks him. Liam tells Hope that this is not fair to any of the people involved. Wyatt tells Liam to stop blaming Quinn. Quinn is not sorry for accidently sending a photo. She hopes that Ridge is going to be ok but she cannot take responsibility though for something that happened half way around the world. She did not encourage him to go half way around the world. He did that on his own. Liam thinks that she will lie and manipulate her way to do anything. Wyatt tells him to back off. Liam cannot believe that Wyatt is ok with what Quinn did because so many people are hurt.

Katie calls Brooke again and Brooke picks up. Katie asks if anything is happening. Brooke explains nothing has happened. Brooke is not giving up. Katie knows that she can feel he is alive. Katie is going to the middle east. Eric decides to go with her they both run to the jet.

Brooke tells Bill that she is on her way. Justin comes in and explains he just heard. Brooke decides she is going to go look for Ridge himself. Justin tells Bill that he never thought this was going to happen. Bill tells him this never happened. What happened to Ridge was an accident.

Katie thanks Eric for getting the plane so quickly. Eric thinks that it is for the best. Katie looks at her poetry book. Katie thinks they just found each other. She needs more time with him. Eric tells Katie they will find him and bring him home. Katie thinks they may have already found him and that he is waiting for them at the air port. Eric thinks it will be ok.

Quinn tells them again that it was a mistake. Liam wonders if Quinn even fells bad. Quinn tells Liam that slander is against the law. Liam wonders if Quinn will even have anything to do with anyone involved in this family ever again. Liam tells him that she went to far.

Bill tells Justin that he was not to throw him somewhere no one can see him. He asks if Justin saw where he landed. No one can ever know that Justin did that. Justin promises that no one will ever know. He tells him to calm down and get it together. Bill did not want to hurt Ridge he just wanted to teach him a lesson. No one is going to do that to him and get away with it. He has to be somewhere and he needs to know if Ridge is alive.

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