B&B Tuesday Update 6/3/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/3/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge believes that Bill has never been loyal to anyone and that includes Brooke. On Bill's order to the pilot, the helicopter tilts and Ridge who is not strapped in falls over board into the ocean. Brooke screams after him.

Katie looks at Ridge's photo and frowns.

Liam explains to Hope that is has been crazy busy at Spencer since Bill went to the Middle East. Hope thinks that makes sense. Liam wonders if Bill and Brooke are married. Hope explains that there has been a complication due to Quinn.

Wyatt cannot believe that Quinn has done this. Quinn explains that she is not going to get in trouble for this. She believes that Brooke is going to let everything go her way. Wyatt does not think Brooke is going to be able to stop anything.

Hope wants to know what Liam knows about Bill and Quinn's relationship. Liam knows they had sex. He heard and saw them that was all. Liam tells Hope it was when Bill and Brooke were not together. Hope explains Quinn took a selfie with Bill and now Ridge is going to show it to Brooke. Hope thinks that Brooke deserves to know but not like this. Liam thinks so too. Liam tells her they had sex the day that Brooke was going to get married to Ridge. Hope remembers showing up that day and can't believe that was going on. Liam wonders how much more wrong Quinn has to do before Hope finally kicks her out his life.

Wyatt tells Quinn that she is not going to be happy with what she did. Wyatt will not be involved in this. Quinn did not fake the photo. She does not feel she has done anything wrong she does not need judgment. She already had enough of that from Katie.

Katie looks at the string on her finger again and decides to call Ridge. Ridge does not pick up and she leaves a message. She is sure that everything is fine and tells him to come home soon.

The helicopter does not stop or turn around. Bill tells the pilot to bring Brooke back. Bill smiles.

Wyatt wonders if Quinn ever thought about him. Quinn does not believe this has anything to do with him. Wyatt knows that Hope is going to feel differently. Wyatt wonders about Brooke. Brooke is not going to be grateful. She is going to be resentful. Wyatt wonders why Brooke would want them to stay here. Quinn does not think it will effect him just her. Quinn does not think anyone got hurt. Liam wonders if that is true. Liam believes that Quinn will get prosecuted if anything happens. Hope wonders if Quinn planned this the whole time.

Brooke gets off the helicopter. Bill tells the pilot to find Ridge and bring him back.

Hope thinks Liam has a point. She does not believe Quinn would take that selfie if she didn't plan to use it. Quinn explains that she has a complicated relationship with Bill. She did not want anyone to know about the photo especially not Brooke. Liam thinks both of them are despicable. Wyatt tells him that he has nothing to do with this. He told Hope about everything. Hope tells Liam he is telling the truth.

Katie tells Eric that Quinn should be fired because she is crazy and evil. Eric tells Katie they will decide when Brooke gets back. Eric has a distraction for her though. Eric brings in wedding dress for Katie to wear. Katie thinks it is beautiful. She is not used to thinking of herself as a bridge. Katie wonders if Eric is ok with that. Eric believes that if Ridge is happy so is he. Katie thanks him.

Bill tells the hotel manager to find Bill. Brooke is scared and wants to know where he is. Brooke demands that he be found.

Quinn will take blame if that is what everyone wants her to do. She does not believe that what she did is wrong. Quinn thinks that Brooke deserves to know. Hope agrees that Brooke deserved to know but it was very manipulative. Liam gets a phone call and Bill tells Liam that Ridge showed up and he ended up falling into the gulf. Liam cannot believe this. Wyatt asks if everything is alright. Liam explains what Bill just said.

Brooke hates waiting. She wants to got out there. Bill does not think they need to do anything. Bill believes Ridge will be fine. Brooke wants to believe that. Brooke is going to call Katie.

Katie pours a cup of tea. Hope comes in the room and tells Katie she has news. Katie gets a phone call from Brooke. Brooke tells her that Bill and her were getting married and Ridge showed up and Ridge punched Bill. Ridge dragged Brooke to a helicopter and fell when the helicopter banked sharply to one side. Katie asks if Ridge is ok and starts to get angry.

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