B&B Monday Update 6/2/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/2/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill and Brooke go along with there ceremony and Ridge shows up and screams "Logan". Ridge tells Brooke that they are going back to LA. Bill asks if he is out of his mind and Brooke is shocked.

Hope wants to know if something happened. Wyatt explains that there was supposedly an encounter with his parents but it was before Brooke and Bill were together. Hope knows that Bill will deny it. Wyatt explains that Ridge has proof and Ridge is on his way.

Quinn asks if there is any news. Katie says not yet, Ridge will call her when they are in the helicopter. Katie does not like what Quinn did but she would love to see Bill's face when this happens and she does not want Brooke near Bill.

Hope does need to know the truth she just wishes that Quinn would not have been so sneaky about it. Wyatt wonders if it will even matter because it was before they were even together. Hope thinks that Brooke might be making a mistake. Wyatt wonders if she thinks Bill is a mistake.

Katie knows that no one is perfect but it amazes her how wrong she can be about people. Bill did not lie when she first met him. Katie thinks Quinn is right, Brooke deserves to know the truth. Quinn says she is welcome.

Ridge wants Brooke to listen to him. Ridge shows the picture of Quinn and Bill to her after she says that Bill is loyal and faithful.

Katie is glad that Quinn can see the humor in this. Katie believes that Bill and her would make a good couple. Quinn thanks her. Katie tells Quinn she should start packing up her things. Quinn does not think she is going to be fired. Katie explains that Brooke has a lot of power here. She should ask Bill for a job and see how that works out.

Hope does not think Bill is a bad person but this is Brooke's future and she deserves to know what she is getting into. Wyatt wants to agree with something. He never wants Brooke and Bill to get between them. Hope would love that, but she hopes that Quinn can dial back her crazy a little bit. Wyatt says he can try to get that to happen but he is not going to fix it. Wyatt believes that Brooke and Bill deserve a chance at happiness.

Brooke asks Bill what this is. Bill explains it happened once the night she was marrying Ridge. Brooke tries to walk off and Ridge punches Bill in the face. Ridge runs off grabbing Brooke's hand.

Quinn asks Wyatt if she is still on his naughty list. Wyatt says it depends if they get fired or not. Quinn does not think that will happen. Quinn does not think that Bill should have to settle. She knows that Brooke will end up back with Ridge no matter what. Wyatt wonders if Bill will even come to her. Quinn does not think that will happen but she can hope. Wyatt knows people are getting hurt right now because of her.

Brooke asks Ridge what he is doing. Bill wakes up and goes after them. The helicopter shows up. Ridge slows down and Brooke looks back at Bill.

Katie checks her phone and Hope tells her that she just heard. Katie and her go into Eric's office. Hope is not sure if she is supposed to feel angry or grateful with Quinn. Katie thinks she is crazy. Hope wonders if Katie is ok with all this though. Katie says yes. Ridge thinks this is the right thing to do and she is not going to get in Ridge's way. She knows that Ridge loves her. She is not going to lie either she does not want Bill and Brooke together. Katie does not want them together. Katie hopes that they can all heal. Hope wonders if they are going to get through to Brooke. Katie is trying not to be worried but when it comes to the two of them they should expect the worst.

Brooke tells Ridge this may not be the best thing to do. Justin is the one who is driving the helicopter. Bill smiles as it goes off.

Wyatt does not know what Ridge will do when he gets there. Wyatt does not think that things will go Quinn's way. Wyatt believes there were a million better ways for this to come out. Quinn does not want Bill to get hurt it was not her intention. If anything happens to anyone it is on Quinn.

Katie looks at a picture of Ridge and smiles. She thinks of the time they were in the park together and other special moments they had. She wants Ridge to call her.

Brooke cannot believe this. Ridge does not think this is good for her and forces her into the helicopter. From the ground, Bill tells the pilot to drop Ridge. When the helicopter banks to the left, Ridge falls out into the water. Brooke screams after him.

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