B&B Thursday Update 5/29/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/29/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Juanita

Bill is on the beach in Abu Dhabi making final wedding arrangements while Brooke is in their suite thinking about her impending wedding while fingering her engagement ring. Bill walks into their suite and Brooke jokes if the groom should see the bride before the wedding citing bad luck. Bill brushes off her superstition. Brooke fishes for some wedding details...locale, time...but Bill assures she will know all in due time. Brooke explains how good it feels to finally have someone in her corner, taking care of her. She never realized how hard she had been working in her relationships until now. Brooke questions Bills attire, it's obvious he is not dressed for their nuptials. He discusses her wardrobe and shares he has already gotten her wedding gown. Clucking about bad luck, they are interrupted by a knock on their door. It's Maleeka, there to assist Brooke with getting ready for the wedding. Time for Bill to leave...next time they see each other she will be Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer! Bill continues to make final touches while on the beach, ensuring they will have a perfect wedding!

Brooke walks out to the wedding location, in her wedding dress. Bill and Brooke stare into each other's eyes with a smile on their face.

On the plane, Ridge awakens, evidently deep in thought. He opens his iPad and looks at Quinn's selfie, shaking his head. Ridge calls Katie explaining he is on his way out of town and apologizes for not coming home. Katie understands but is surprised when he states the trip is not about business. He sends her the photo and explains he needs to see Brooke and stop her wedding. The fact that Brooke is in the Middle East is not stopping Ridge, Brooke must understand what kind of man she is about to marry. Katie can't believe her eyes when the photo comes through. She had no idea Bill had any interest in Quinn! Katie questions Quinn's motives surrounding the photo and obviously thinks it's no accident that Ridge received the photo...or the fact that the photo was taken with Bill in a compromising position. She suggests that Quinn is playing him and asks to send the photo to Brooke herself.

Ridge thinks Bill will convince Brooke not to take the photo seriously which is why he needs to show her himself. He can't let her continue down a path with a lowlife and liar. Ridge is convinced he can bring her home, and Katie tells him to do what he needs to do. Ridge looks at the selfie again, closes the pic, and opens another of Brooke on their wedding day. he flashes back to their special day and his arrival from Paris. He calls the pilot and asks to radio ahead for a helicopter.

Back at Forrester, Wyatt walks into Quinn's office, questioning Quinn as to why Ridge is out of town. Quinn tries to dodge his inquiries but Wyatt's questions get more pointed until he incredulously realizes Ridge is on his way to Abu Dhabi. He quickly deduces Quinn must have sent Ridge the photo of her and Bill. Quinn tries to reason that the marriage shouldn't be taking place between Brooke and Bill. The selfie had a mind of its own and found its way into Ridge's inbox! Wyatt is furious questioning Brooke's reaction and their livelihood at Forrester (Eric and Hope). Quinn defends her actions by implying Brooke is not the right woman for Bill, and she is doing them all a favor. Wyatt is amazed and will not be surprised if Hope no longer wants to marry into his family but Quinn continues to defend her actions. Eric walks in. He wants to speak with Quinn privately. Quinn assures Wyatt can stay, she has no secrets from him. Eric gets straight to the point...what is up with her and Bill Spencer?!?

Quinn plays coy and acts like the selfie was not intentional. She plays on the fact that they are no longer and that she had been lonely. She implies that is why she played the role of the "other woman." Eric responds that he understands and her actions will not jeopardize her role at Forrester (or Wyatt's), her private life is her own. Eric believes Brooke belongs with Ridge and hopes this will remind him of how much they mean to each other. After Eric leaves, Wyatt sarcastically commends her on handling Eric. The conversation turns to recognizing the difference between right and wrong. Quinn states that is something Wyatt must discover on his own. Wyatt understands...she is in love with Bill. He feels that is the real reason she is sabotaging Bill's relationship! Quinn denies this and states she has a love/hate relationship with Bill, and that's exactly how she likes it!

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