B&B Wednesday Update 5/28/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/28/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

As Ridge looks at the photo of Quinn, she walks in the door. Ridge asks what the photo is supposed to be. Quinn pretends she does not know about the photo or how he got it. She comes right out and says she had an affair with Bill.

Bill and Brooke arrive at their new location. Bill and Brooke love it.

Bill and Brooke arrive at the new hotel and it is a huge palace like setting. Brooke thinks it is beautiful. Brooke is welcomed by the manager and would like to give them both a tour. Brooke and Bill walk towards the hotel.

Quinn should have deleted that photo it was an accident that she had sent it. Quinn thinks it is ok that Ridge knows because she had wanted to be truthful all along. Ridge cannot believe that Bill lied to her. Quinn explains that she has a complicated relationship with Bill. Ridge does not want to think about this. Ridge cannot believe that Bill would do this. Quinn thinks Bill is going to do everything to keep Brooke. Ridge is going to drag her away from him.

Brooke and Bill ride camels through the desert and tour the country. The two smile at each other as they look at all the different land structures.

Ridge asks for the wedding location right away. Eric asks if he is going somewhere. Ridge explains he is going to find Brooke and bring her home.

Bill is pleased with the wedding planner. Brooke wants to know where they are going to be married. Bill explains that it is still a surprise. Bill tells her that she has picked out Brooke's outfit. The wedding planner leaves them alone. Brooke wonders what else Bill has planned. Bill tells her it will be revealed in good time.

Quinn looks at a photo of Bill and Wyatt she thinks of Bill as a young man (flashbacks of Don Diamond as Brad are used as fill-ins for Bill) She then thinks of when he was brought back into her life.

Ridge explains that Eric does not want to know. Ridge gets his luggage and is ready to leave to the Middle East. Eric explains it takes a day and a half to get to the middle east. Ridge will get there and fix this. Eric tells him to just upload the photo. Ridge wants to be there when she finds out. He asks how Bill can do this. Eric tells him to bring her home. Ridge explains he will because she is family. She is a Forrester not a Spencer. Eric tells him to be safe, the two hug.

Justin thinks the hotel room is nice. Bill does not expect anything less. Bill wonders what Justin has been doing. Justin explains he is just giving some distance. He does wonder why he is here though. Bill explains that he is here just as security, to make sure nothing happens. Justin gives him props for waiting for Brooke. Bill wants to raise his child with Brooke. Justin tells him that tomorrow Brooke becomes Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer. Bill does not want anything to get in the way of there wedding day.

Quinn is now looking at the black male photo.

Brooke looks out her window. She goes to the other room and she is in love with this. Bill explains that he has a massage for her. Brooke explains that she thinks he is amazing. Brooke loves that he has done everything for her during this wedding. Brooke wants to know where the wedding is. Bill explains it is still a surprise. Bill has to check on a few things so she should go have her massage. Brooke feels like she is the only girl in the world. Bill thinks she is to him.

Ridge gets on the airplane and is ready to go to get Brooke. He has no time to spare.

Bill asks the manager of the hotel how everything is going. She explains that it will be everything Brooke desires.

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