B&B Tuesday Update 5/27/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/27/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill wonders if the trip is working for Brooke so far. Brooke thinks this is more of an adventure. Brooke loves Bill's ideas. Bill hopes Brooke is hungry tonight because it is exceptional. Brooke believes that Bill is exceptional. Bill explains he has a little surprise for his lady. He kisses her hand.

Quinn sends the photo along with the other designs. Wyatt walks in and says they need to talk. He explains that she is up to something devious and he needs to stop her from doing it.

Eric knows that Ridge is upset over Brooke. Ridge cannot believe that Brooke would be ok with Bill and he has to figure out how to stop this before she is married to him.

Quinn explains she enjoys observing human behavior. She believes that Ridge being upset over Brooke after dumping her and getting married to Katie. Quinn thinks that Bill and her are very similar. Quinn believes that he should not be marrying anyone until she is done with him. Wyatt does not want her to get hurt. Wyatt explains that they could already be married. He begs her to not do anything.

Eric thinks it is odd that Ridge is not ok with Brooke and Bill. Ridge wonders if Eric is ok with Bill and Brooke getting married. Eric does not like it but it is not his place. He believes that Ridge cannot stand the thought of her being married to anyone but him.

Bill explains all the different foods that the two of them are eating. Brooke likes all the foods that Bill has. Bill gives Brooke a taste of the food and Brooke thinks it is fantastic. Bill hand feeds her a piece of lamb. Brooke tells Bill to try it because it is amazing. Brooke thinks that the tea is heavenly. Bill thinks that Brooke gets a look on her face when she discovers something for the first time. Brooke thinks that the country is breath taking. Bill believes it is as well. Bill knew she would love it here. Brooke thanks him for bringing her here. Bill asks if she would like to try some desert. Brooke notices a jewelry box. Bill says it is a gift so she would never forget. Brooke does not think she will ever.

Ridge does not want to be with Brooke. He is with Katie now. This has to do with Bill being an idiot. Ridge wants to know why Brooke cannot see that. Ridge will not let Bill be anywhere near his family. Eric does not think that Bill has any bad intent towards RJ. Ridge needs to show Brooke that he is fraud.

Wyatt explains that Quinn is not friends with Bill. He knows that Quinn is practical except when it comes to Bill. Quinn does not think it will last with Brooke. Brooke will need to go to a new man like she always does.

Bill tells Brooke to open the box and it is a giant necklaces. Brooke thinks it is stunning. She has never seen anything like it. Bill puts it around her neck. Bill thinks she is beautiful. Brooke thanks Bill. Bill cannot wait to put the really important piece of jewelry on her. Brooke cannot wait to be his wife.

Wyatt knows that Quinn will fail. Quinn thinks that things could have gone better. She believes it is not to late.

Ridge needs something to get Brooke away from him. Eric asks if Ridge gave her the ring back when he took it. Ridge did and he thinks it was a mature move. Eric thinks that Brooke and Ridge belong together. They may marry other people but they still love each other. Ridge knows something is up with Bill and he will find it. Ridge wonders if he should just let go. Eric says if there is anything he can do to help. Ridge thanks him for listening. Eric leaves. Ridge opens his laptop.

Quinn knows that Wyatt wants Bill and her together again. Wyatt now knows that Quinn has been holding out for Bill all these years. Wyatt knows that she cared very deeply about him. Quinn has only ever loved Wyatt. Wyatt tells her to keep telling herself that because Bill is not giving up Brooke.

Brooke believes this has been the most incredible day. Bill wants to give her the world. Brooke believes she has already been given so much by him. Brooke thinks this is all incredible. Brooke loves his commitment to her. She does not have to worry about any other woman. This is a new experience for her. Bill explains even when they were apart he never stopped thinking about her. He needs her to believe that. Brooke does.

Ridge gets the email from Quinn and the photos start to upload. The photo appears on his screen and he cannot believe it.

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