B&B Monday Update 5/26/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/26/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Brooke they are on the tip of an island and that the ocean floor is all rock. Brooke thinks this place is amazing and she wants to go shopping. Bill says they are not married yet. Brooke laughs and Bill rubs her face. They smile at each other.

Ridge sits down in Eric's office and Katie walks in. Katie notices that Ridge is not feeling any better. Ridge explains that RJ showed him a necklace that Bill gave him. Katie knows what that means. Ridge cannot believe he gave him a sword.

Quinn will not delete the photo of Bill and her. Quinn wonders how Brooke would react if she saw the photo. Wyatt does not like this one bit.

Ridge tells her that he liked the necklace. He thinks that he is trying to get to him. Katie will talk to Bill when he gets back. Ridge doesn't want her to. Bill thinks that he is brainwashing RJ just like he did to Brooke to give him the papers. Katie says they will straighten it out, just don't obsess over it. Ridge says he will try to.

Brooke wonders how they can leave all this. Bill tells her all the best is for her. Bill explains that the room they have covers the entire building. Brooke thinks that is amazing. Bill asks her if she is ready to go and she says of course.

Quinn wonders what would happen if Brooke knew. Wyatt tells her not to do anything because he would lose Hope and they would lose there jobs. Ridge comes in and says they should get started.

Brooke and Bill go to lunch. Someone who works at the hotel explains that they are very pleased they are there. Bill explains they plan to get married here. He explains that this will be a trip for them to remember then. Brooke thanks him.

Katie tells Donna what happened and wishes that Bill had not done that. Donna thinks that RJ probably liked it. Katie explains that RJ is to wear it with Spencer pride. Donna thinks that is bad. She thinks Bill is going a little over the top. Katie explains that Ridge hates Bill being around RJ. Donna does not get that. Bill is a problem but not when it comes to Will. Katie thinks that Ridge hates Bill with a passion. Donna thinks Ridge needs to be realistic and he will have to accept that.

Ridge explains that he was not happy with what happened to the company when he was gone. Quinn wants to know what that has to do with anything. Ridge just does not like how the company has worked since he was gone. He wonders how they are involved. Quinn explains that she has more pieces but that his distractions should not influence his choices when it comes to Bill.

Bill thinks that everything is beautiful. Brooke thinks this is Bill's paradise. Brooke loves being here. She wants a hint to where they will be getting married. Bill wonders if she trusts him. Brooke says yes. Bill tells her that he promises that she will love what he has planned.

Donna tells Katie she needs to law down the law. He has to get used to it and they all have to get along. Katie thinks they will try there best. Katie wonders if Donna should tell him. Donna would slap both of the men down if she had to. Donna believes this is going to be a perfect ending to what was a disaster. Katie does not think anything about this is perfect. Donna asks if she is happy. Katie wishes that Ridge would get over Bill and Brooke. She knows he loves her but she cannot get through to him.

Bill wants to take a bike ridge through old Dubai. Bill explains they can do anything when they are here. Bill and Brooke joke around.

Ridge understands that he vented a little bit at the meeting. Wyatt knows that is not him and his hatred of Bill is justified. Ridge thinks this whole wedding thing is off balance. Quinn will get the rest of the designs to him by the end of the day. Wyatt tells Quinn not to do anything that will reflect on them. He wants her to be happy and find another man. Quinn does not want another man. Quinn wants Bill and Ridge knows that Brooke is not right for him.

Quinn keeps looking at the photo and Wyatt tells her to delete it. Wyatt tells her that he is trying to get Hope back and this will hurt that. Quinn promises to do anything. Quinn will send Ridge the designs she has and then will get back to work. Wyatt hopes she can trust her and leaves. Quinn sends the photos along with the selfie.

Katie asks if Quinn is feeling any better. Ridge says he is trying. Katie tells him that Donna was here. Ridge knows she likes Bill. Katie tells him that she can't be so miserable. Katie says that Brooke and Bill are getting married and there is nothing they can do about it. Katie loves him. She hugs him.

Brooke thanks Bill for bringing her here. Bill tells her she does not have to thank her at all. He would take her anywhere in the world. He knows people do not understand them at home.

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