B&B Thursday Update 5/22/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/22/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Bill are kissing in their home. They begin discussing their impending elopement in Dubai.  Soon their banter turns to Ridge and Katie, Brooke needs to let her know they are going out of town. Bill teases her about not taking too long which she cuts off with another long kiss.

The phone rings and Bill answers. Its Wyatt who makes a quick joke about the same last name. The conversation quickly turns to Quinn's being upset about Bills engagement to Brooke. Bill updates a dumbfounded Wyatt that his trip to Dubai is not for business but to get married to Brooke!

Bill is on the Spencer jet, sitting in his old chair. He has obviously missed being away from Spencer Publications and is happy to be back. The pilot walks in saying its good to see him and they will be leaving soon. Right after, Justin rushes in. Bill chides him for cutting it close. Asking if everything ready, specifically the necklace. Justin assures him everything is set, they will not be interrupted.

Bill ends a Skype call with RJ. Looks like the necklace he was referencing was for RJ...he is the newest member of the Spencer sword necklace club. Justin walks in and questions Bills motivation. He admits part of it is to stick it to Ridge, but he also thinks RJ's a great kid and looks forward to being his stepfather. Ridge needs to get over his "hissy fits" Bill says to Justin adding he will be coming with them, his services may be needed.

Later, Brooke boards the plane, apologizes for running late and hugs Bill. She wants to thank him for what he has done. They kiss and get ready for take off!

At their home, Ridge is unhappily straightening his tie in the mirror.  Katie walks over and puts her arms around his shoulders asking if he is having a good morning. Ridge says it is but admits Bill got to him. He will never be OK with Bill as RJ's stepfather.  He hugs Katie with a worried look on his face.

Katie understands why Ridge doesn't care for Bill, but he is a good father she tries to stress. Ridge reminds that Bill is not a good influence and doesn't want to send the wrong message to RJ. In exasperation Katie shakes her head.

Brooke peeks into Katie's bedroom door, says hello and asks if Ridge is home. Katie states she just  missed him...Brooke lets out a sigh of relief. She prefers to talk to Katie one-on-one. Katie politely states that she knows of her engagement and asks about the big day. Brooke hedges by simply saying "soon" and she and Bill are leaving town. When she gets back they will be married.

Katie walks back into her bedroom, baby monitor in hand. Brooke asks if Will is ok, Katie nods with a confused look on her face and wonders why Brooke is still there. She couldn't possibly be waiting for congratulations! Not at all Brooke assures, but she will be far away in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, she just wants Ridge and RJ to know where she is. Afterwards she looks hard at Katie wishing she could be happy for her. Katie snarks that we all wish for a lot of things. Brooke brings up Ridge and Bill's argument, and the fact that Ridge needs to come to terms with her decision. As Brooke appeals to Katie, Katie admits she will never be OK with this complicated situation and wonders how and if the problems between them can ever be solved. They both look at each other when Katie continues that maybe time will help. Brooke gives her a small smile and murmurs she hopes so.

Brooke leaves Katie's and runs into Ridge on the way out. She updates him about her impending trip. Ridge half jokes and asks if she is eloping, when he sees her serious face, he quickly realizes it's true.

Brooke doesn't want to argue and is running late. Ridge grabs her arm asking if she is really planning on eloping in Dubai. She responds stating it's too hard for her to get married in LA, especially after how he just acted. Ridge questions who will be with her on this trip, clearly highlighting that no family will be with her. Brooke dodges, looking down and stating she and Bill just need to get away. She looks up and remembers that Donna is around in case of emergency. Brooke emphasizes this is their life now, separate, and when she reruns she will be Mrs. Bill Spencer. She has every intention of being a family to include RJ living with her and Bill. Ridge continues to disapprove stating how Bill is and ends by saying he loves Brooke and always will. With tears in her eyes Brooke continues to listen, lets out a sigh and walks away.

Katie looks up in surprise as Ridge walks in. Asking why is back so soon, Bill turns the conversation to his run-in with Brooke and her impending marriage to Bill. He admits that Katie is probably tired of this discussion but she assures she is happy he can discuss this with her.  It's obvious he is having a hard time with this, but they need to move on with their own life and plan a wedding. They kiss.

In Hope's office at Forrester, she is looking at some prints as Liam walks in. He notes her inability to pick on and walks over, planting a long kiss. He pulls away and smiles. Liam asks if Hope has any plans for the day...both parents will be out of town. Looking at Hopes confused expression, he realizes she doesn't know about Bills big surprise. He quickly updates Hope about the trip to the Middle East.

Hope finishes up some work details and continues her conversation with Liam. She needs way more details about her mom's trip to Dubai!  Liam counters he can, poolside, just as Wyatt walks in. He has a pair of trunks in the car, and is ready to go. He then brings up Bill's trip to Dubai indicating he has more details that their dad shared only with him. Bill and Brooke are planning to elope on their trip!

Wyatt again confirms the plan to elope in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Liam asks if there were more details and answers all he knows is that Bill is meeting Brooke at the airport. Wyatt quickly turns the conversation to spending time with Hope, without his brother. Both Wyatt and Liam begin to bicker with the competition ending with a bid from Liam to make it a double wedding!

Hope thanks Liam, but she has no plans to get married anytime soon. Wyatt cuts in that she means Liam, but Hope corrects that she means anyone. Wyatt quickly recovers and bring up out  of town trips. Liam cuts in. These brothers are battling for Hope's affections. She cuts in and brings them back to reality...she's not looking to be whisked away. All Hope wants to be is grounded, in control of her life. She will make a decision soon...the best decision for everyone.

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