B&B Wednesday Update 5/21/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/21/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Donna and Katie try to get Will to go to bed. Katie thanks Donna for watching Will so that she can do a few things. She is enjoying her free time right now. Donna is glad about that because she was worried she would be freaked out over the news. Katie does not know what she is taking about. Donna explains Brooke and Bill are getting married.

Brooke tells Ridge to get off of Bill and can't believe he is doing this.

Quinn tells Wyatt that Bill acts like a child compared to Wyatt. Quinn is not desperate enough to go back to Bill Spencer. She is not in love. She is not foolish like that. Wyatt wondered if they were getting closer. Quinn does not think that Bill ever wanted to get close. Wyatt thinks that Quinn is fierce and passionate. Quinn is happy that she had Wyatt.

Katie knew it was a possibility but it is sort of a shock after Brooke said it would never happen. Katie thinks Brooke changes her mind a lot. Donna explains it was Bill who persisted, but Brooke didn't want to do it anymore. It is because she thinks that Katie does not care about her anymore.

Brooke gets Ridge off of Bill. Bill threatens that if Ridge ever does that again then to so help him. Ridge cannot believe that Brooke wants to marry this clown. Brooke does and will. Ridge thinks that she is getting rushed into this. Ridge has not forgot about them and knows that Brooke likes to hurt him with other men. Bill does not think that he is getting used. Bill believes that he is going to have Brooke for the rest of her life. He believes Ridge enjoys bullying her. Ridge can't believe that this is happening and tells her that it is never to late to change her mind.

Quinn explains she was not a nun; she had dates. Wyatt wonders why he never met them. Quinn explains that they were hook ups. Wyatt does not need to hear that. Quinn explains that it is different being a woman than a man. Sometimes it comes over her. That the wanting of being wanted and she despises herself for it for a few days but it always goes away.

Katie thought she could have mended the way with Brooke but now it is all hurt. Brooke has done a lot of damage at this point. Donna does not want Katie to think of this as being a competition. Katie does not want the children to get hurt though. Donna wonders if it bothers her that Bill is getting married again.

Bill slams the door. He tells her it will never happen again. Bill explains that the ring is never coming off her finger again. Bill says it will be what it is but nothing like that will never happen again. Brooke thinks it is a good time to get away. They should go right now. Bill kisses Brooke passionately. Brooke and Bill look up the places they will be traveling to. Brooke wonders what she will pack. Bill tells her that they will get her what ever she needs. Brooke does not want to miss a minute with them. Brooke knows that there was always another woman with Ridge but she likes having no competition this time around. She likes not having to feel better than anyone else.

Wyatt wants to know something without Quinn getting mad. He knows that she still thinks about Bill. Wyatt wonders why Quinn did not test the waters when Bill was single. Quinn explains she may have attempted it.

Ridge comes in and asks where Will is. Katie tells him that he is napping. Katie knows he knows about Bill and Brooke. Katie does not think they should be surprised. Katie wonders what happened to him today. Katie hopes that nothing happened. Ridge explains Brooke was there to break up the fight. Ridge is not going to let them get married. Ridge also explains this has nothing to do with Katie or Brooke it has to do with his hatred of Bill. Katie understands and also knows that his feelings are stronger for Bill than they are for anyone. She wonders if she is right. Ridge does not know what to do and wants help. Katie thinks he is going to go crazy. Ridge believes that Brooke could leave him again. Katie wonders how. Ridge does not know but he knows that Bill has no ethics. Katie thinks that Brooke does not care anymore about what Bill has done.

Quinn wonders if they are done with the mother son chat they are having. Wyatt wants to know more about Quinn. Quinn thinks that Wyatt is obsessed with this. Quinn does not want to get back with Bill anymore.

Bill says they will leave tomorrow and they will not have to deal with her ex anymore. Justin walks in and congratulates the two of them. Bill explains they are getting married tomorrow. Brooke is kind of breathless and leaves when Donna calls. Justin gives Bill a box. Bill wants another sword necklace.

Brooke thanks Donna and then looks at a photo. Brooke thinks of the trip and smiles. Justin walks out of the office and tells her to have a great trip. Brooke walks back into the office and Bill wonders if they are there yet. Brooke asks if he is being serious about getting married right away. Bill tells her she is a true princess and they are going to get married. He kisses her passionately. Brooke cannot wait.

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