B&B Tuesday Update 5/20/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/20/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke pleads Ridge to give her ring back. Brooke does not think this is his choice. Ridge believes that it is his choice because of their son. He just cannot let her go.

Hope cannot stop thinking about their parents getting together. She thinks it is crazy. Wyatt does not think it is a surprise though. He believes that a proposal was the next step. A Spencer man and a Logan woman together is a match made in heaven. The two kiss.

Bill tells Quinn to put her coat on. Quinn tells him it is to hot in here and she wants to take more off. Bill calls Allison and tells her to crank up the air conditioning.

Hope wonders if Quinn will be ok. Wyatt does not know for sure. He believes it is hard to say. If she were it would be Bill. Hope thinks that is strange after all that has happened. Wyatt knows.

Quinn wants to hook up with Bill and knows what he needs. Quinn knows that she is the only woman who will ever accept him like she does. Bill explains what he is saying is that Quinn is beautiful and smart and sexy but he will never do anything about it because he is marrying Brooke. He hands Quinn her coat.

Brooke thinks he can be frustrating. Ridge wants Brooke to thrive and be around good people. Brooke explains he is a good person. Their is no Taylor or Caroline or private poetry readings with Katie. It is all about her when it comes to Bill. Brooke asks for her ring back. Ridge cannot do that. He will not let her marry Bill Spencer. Ridge thinks that he is beneath her. Brooke tells him that he has been through so much through out the years and they really have managed to hurt each other. Brooke believes that Bill has shown them it can be different. Ridge will help her find someone else. Katie will even help. Brooke believes this is good and great. Ridge only wants what is best. Brooke tells him again what is best for her is Bill. Ridge tells her no; it will never be Bill and he storms off.

Bill tells Quinn he does not want to embrace her. He is with Brooke now. He doesn't even understand why she is here. He knows that she hates him. Quinn still loves him. She only told Wyatt that he was dead because she wanted to burry his memory away. Quinn thinks that Bill could be making the wrong choice after one failed marriage to a Logan. Brooke is ten times worse than Katie because she always goes back to Ridge. Quinn knows that no man is as good as Ridge for Brooke. Quinn thinks he should explore his options for when it fails. Bill thinks that it is over. If he looks like a fool in the end it still will have been worth it.

Hope wonders how Quinn will take this. Wyatt thinks that she will do fine. Hope wonders who wont take the news well then. Wyatt thinks Katie will have the biggest problem. Hope believes she will try to understand. Wyatt wonders about Ridge. Hope thinks that is a completely different story. He will have a fit.

Bill is on the phone with someone and Ridge shows up at the door. Bill thinks he has way to much time on his hands. Ridge throws the ring at him telling him that Brooke will not be needing it anymore or him.

Wyatt wonders if Ridge knows yet. Hope thinks he probably does. Wyatt believes that it was a good thing that he wasn't in the meeting. Hope believes it is the opposite. Wyatt understands that she does not like Bill. Hope just thinks that Ridge does not want RJ having Bill as a stepdad. Quinn walks in as they are kissing and Hope says it is ok. She asks if Quinn is ok but then changes the subject and leaves. Wyatt wonders if Quinn is upset over Bill.

Bill wonders if Brooke was drugged. Bill can't believe how quick this is happening. Katie is going to get dumped before they even get married. Bill thinks that the destiny stuff is just garbage. Bill tells him that they are getting married and be with Katie. Otherwise go after Brooke because it won't work this time. Brooke is done with him. Ridge does not want to get back together with Brooke; he is with Katie. Bill wonders what Brooke should do then. Ridge wants her with someone who is right for her, and Bill is not ok with it. Ridge wonders why he has headshots in his office. Bill tells him it is a nice picture. Ridge does not think that any woman will want him permanently. Ridge will not let his son get direction from a cartoon character. The engagement is off.

Quinn explains that her mood has nothing to do with Bill. Wyatt wonders where Quinn went after the meeting. Quinn had things to do. Wyatt knows that she went to go see Bill and tell him not to marry Brooke.

Bill kind of admires Ridge because Ridge can just leave when he wants for no reason and then come back when he wants and expect things to be the same. Bill tells him he cannot dictate anything in his life. Ridge feels he has changed for the better. He has not given up on Brooke but he is not going to marry her. Bill believes that Ridge has hurt her more than he could ever. Ridge does not think they are done with each other. Bill wonders if he has shared with Katie this bond. Ridge thinks that Katie will understand. Bill believes that he has been completely loyal to Brooke. Ridge thinks that Bill was not loyal to Katie. Bill was loyal and it was Katie who ended it. Bill will raise RJ like his own son. Bill expects the same for him when it comes to Will. Ridge will not have him anywhere near RJ. Bill is going to marry Brooke and be around RJ. Bill wonders how he is supposed to be away from RJ. Bill tells Ridge to get out of his office. Ridge pushes Bill on his desk and starts to beat him up. Brooke walks in and tells him to stop.

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