B&B Monday Update 5/19/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/19/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill has everything prepared for tonight but he can't resist. Bill knows he has to propose to her right now because he knows she loves him. He is worried if she will say yes, though. Brooke explains she does and she has to commit for the rest of her life.

Liam screams and shouts in the steam room while Quinn overhears.

Ridge walks in saying it is great to have another meeting. Ridge tries to get Rick out of the room but he is not going to let him take over the meeting. Rick wants to know where Quinn is and Wyatt texts him. Ridge wonders where Brooke is but Hope explains she had to go somewhere important. Ridge hopes that it doesn't involve RJ. Hope explains no. Ridge wonders what Bill could possibly want now then.

Liam continues to scream he says he cannot breath and Quinn opens the door. Quinn smiles as he runs out and Liam cannot believe she locked him in there. She says she is guilty. Quinn says that this is because Liam wanted to have Hope in the steam room alone and that was not going to happen. Quinn is going to make sure Wyatt ends up with Hope. Liam doesn't think that Hope will want to be anywhere near her. Liam is not going to press charges but one more time and he will.

Caroline tells Ridge that she doubts that Brooke is being held hostage by Bill. Ridge wonders when Hope and everyone else started praising him. She explains she isn't but he did make Wyatt a Spencer. Rick wants to get the meeting started.

Brooke cannot believe that one minute she is about to get taken away to a foreign paradise and the next she is getting proposed to. Brooke wonders what will happen next. Bill is going to give her the world. She can hardly wait. Brooke doesn't think they need the extravagant trip as long as they are together. Bill and Brooke hug and kiss. Bill wants to order some champagne to toast his new bride. Brooke has to get back to the meeting so she can she them all who is boss. She wants to also show off her new engagement. She doesn't want anyone else to tell Ridge. Bill will let her do it only because he wants to give peace to him. Brooke wonders how Bill could even think she wouldn't have said yes. She has never trusted anyone else.

Ridge has to leave the meeting while they are in the middle of it. Quinn rushes into the meeting. She explains she got distracted and is ready to go. Wyatt looks confused.

Liam walks into Bill's office and explains what Quinn did. Bill thinks he is talking about Katie. Liam says he is talking about Quinn. Liam does not want to talk about this. Bill knows that he does not like her very much. Bill is not going to let her get inside his head. Bill could not leave things like he did. He asked Brooke to marry him and they are now engaged. Liam hugs him.

Brooke tells everyone that she is sorry she is late. She got held up. Quinn would like to start her presentation. Donna asks if she is ok. Brooke explains that she is ok. Donna notices the ring and asks what the ring is. Brooke explains that she is engaged to Bill. Quinn looks sad as everyone else crowds around Brooke. Hope wonders if this is why Bill wanted to see her. Brooke explains yes and no. Originally it was just going to be a trip then it turned into a ground proposal. Wyatt wonders if Quinn is going to congratulate Brooke. Quinn says no, she hopes that she will be happy and that her wedding will be picture perfect. Donna goes to get the champagne. Hope asks Brooke in private if this is what she wants. Brooke says, of course, because things have been so well. Hope congratulates her again.

Bill thinks there is nothing standing in their way. Bill tells Liam that Quinn is a little off and she knows not to push Bill on this. He knows how to handle it. Liam wonders about Ridge. Brooke is taking care of it Bill explains. Bill knows that it means that Ridge will be more in his life as well as Katie, however he can deal with it. If Ridge is really so sensitive then he will deal with it.

Ridge walks back into the room and wonders what he missed. Brooke explains she was late to because of Bill. Ridge sees the ring and asks what this is. Brooke tells him that Bill asked her to marry him and she accepted.

Hope and Wyatt kiss in her office and he thinks it is big news today. Hope agrees. He asks how she feels about it. Hope is ok with it because he treats her well. Wyatt is worried about Quinn because of Bill. Wyatt thinks that is over now though.

Bill is in his office and Quinn walks in. She is not here about Liam. Quinn says she heard about the engagement and she thought she would bring him an early wedding present.

Ridge thinks this a sick joke. Brooke does not think this is a mistake. Ridge does not think he deserves her. Brooke tells him he cannot tell her that because he is engaged to Katie. Ridge wonders if this is because he is engaged to Katie. Brooke does not think that at all. Ridge tells her to stop thinking. Ridge takes the ring off her finger and tells her she is not going to marry Bill Spencer.

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