B&B Friday Update 5/16/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/16/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Juanita

Bill is sitting at his desk admiring "welcome back" gifts with Liam. He proceeds to catch up on business, riding Liam a little hard, and explains he is leaving LA and wants to tie up loose ends before heading out. Questioning the timing, Bill quickly assures Liam, this will be a quick trip plus he has his trusted VP to pick up the slack. He is planning a surprise trip for Brooke.  He is taking her to Dubai!

Later, Brooke arrives and Bill tells her about his amazing surprise. Wondering where this idea came from, Bill pulls out Brooke's engagement ring that he's been saving. This trip is to make everything official. He wants to start their adventure together. Bill asks Brooke to marry him and she says yes with a long kiss and big smile.

Quinn is wiping cat hairs off of Wyatt's shirt and gripes about the amount of time he's spending with Hope. Wyatt tells her he's winning brownie points with the cat...and he will not let Liam try to manipulate Hope. Quinn hands over papers for Wyatt to sign. He picks up the pen but pauses; this will be the first time using his new last name! With Quinn's encouragement he signs the papers with a big grin. He is a full-fledged Spencer...with a level playing field where Liam is concerned.

Hope updates Brooke on work, then personal life in her office. She's still dating both brothers and explains it feels good to be taking her time. Brooke assures she's doing the right thing and not sending mixed signals. Getting to know each of them will only guarantee she makes the right choice. Brooke's speech is cut short by her phone. It's Bill and he needs her to come over right away.

As Brooke is leaving, Wyatt and Quinn enter. Quinn brings up her new pieces and hints that Wyatt should show Hope, and shoos them out of the office. Looks like Hope left her phone behind and when it chirps, Quinn picks it up. She reads (and deletes) a message from Liam asking Hope to meet him in the steam room.  Liam arrives at the steam room. Quinn shows up and takes a bar, slides it across the door locking Liam in.

She looks at the temperature and starts cranking it up...105, 115, 125, 135 degrees!  Feeling hot, Liam tries the locked door and begins to panic when no one hears him.

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