B&B Thursday Update 5/15/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/15/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Juanita

Back at Forrester, Aly and Taylor are hugging as Thorne walks in his face full of concern. "It's ok, Dad," Aly tells him reassuringly. They hug and Thorne catches Taylor's eye over Aly’s shoulder...she nods and smiles. Looks like things are finally looking up! Aly and Taylor explain that with Oliver's help, Aly was finally able to see that the only way to move on was to forgive. Thorne’s almost speechless. This is what Darla would've wanted. Thorne turns to Oliver and thanks him. "Looks like I owe you a big debt of thanks," he says as he shakes Oliver's hand. Taylor echoes his thanks. Aly now knows she "freaked out" before, but is now supportive of their relationship.  She just wants her dad to be happy. Thorne and Taylor express how happy they are that this breakthrough occurred. They will be heading back to Forrester International and will continue their relationship.

Bill walks into Brooke's bedroom and explains about the recent events concerning making Wyatt an official Spencer. After praises and kisses, she asks about Liam and Quinn's reaction regarding the name change. Bill explains how this is just what she wanted but gets a little dodgy when questions are asked about his and Quinn's notable differences. Bill flashes back to Quinn's blackmail photo. Bill fills Brooke in on Ridges visit to his office and his obvious displeasure about their relationship. He recounts how Ridge doesn't want him in RJ's life or Brooke's for that matter. The company, RJ and Brooke will all be tainted by Bill and Ridge will do what he has to. They agree to ignore Ridge for now; he will not get in the way of their happiness.

Ridge walks into Katie's bedroom and gives her a kiss while she finishes her make-up. She turns around and faces him..."What's wrong?" she asks, the tension apparent in his face. Bill really rubs him the wrong way...he doesn't want Brooke marrying this guy! Katie tries to explain that although he might not like Bill, he will be a necessary evil moving forward.  Ridge finds Bill unacceptable and doesn't want him around his kid. Katie assures Ridge that Bill is a good dad and is not the monster he thinks he is, but Katie thinks that's not the only reason Ridge is upset. He assures Katie that his future is with her, and she has no reason to worry. He doesn't care for Brooke the way he cares for her and seals it with a kiss.

Aly and Oliver are on the couch in his studio reflecting on the recent events. Aly's invigorated about what happens next. She never thought she would forgive Taylor but, thanks to Ollie, she did! Oliver's proud of her as well...she continuously surprises him. They stare into each other's eyes and kiss deeply.

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