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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/14/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Aly asks Taylor what she has to do to forgive her. She wants to know how it's done.

Brooke walks into Hope and Rick's office and sees Thorne. She asks what he is doing here. Thorne explains he just got back into town. He wonders how she is doing. Brooke guesses that he has heard. Thorne knows about the rumors of her and Bill as well as Ridge and Katie. Thorne wonders if everyone is happy. Brooke explains good with the exception of Ridge not wanting Bill to spend time with RJ. Thorne does not blame him because you have to put your kids before yourself. He is learning that the hard way right now.

Bill sets up meetings in his office. Ridge walks in and wants to speak to him. Bill assumes it has to do with Katie and he sarcastically congratulates him on his engagement. Ridge believes it is upsetting Bill. Bill does not feel that way at all. Ridge need to talk to him about some things. Bill explains that Brooke is over him. He is not going to go running off to Paris like he did. Ridge knows that Bill doesn't know how to handle her in the long run.

Thorne tells Brooke that Taylor is with him. He has been seeing her again. Brooke cannot imagine that Aly was ok with this.

Oliver tells Taylor Aly wants this but she does not know how to. Aly explains she killed her mother. Driving while drunk is not an accident. Taylor agrees. Taylor explains it was an accident. An awful horrible mistake. Taylor starts to cry.

Ridge explains that getting lawyers involved wouldn't be very hard. Bill loves a good battle especially when he knows he can win. Bill knows Katie was not happy here anyway. She just needed something to do. Bill believes she is strangely happy with Ridge right now. Ridge does know that Bill out of her life is a good thing. Ridge will not allow him near RJ as well.

Brooke asks how long Taylor and Thorne have been together. Thorne explains it did not take very long. Thorne tells her that when Aly found out she went crazy, Thorne decided to back away from the relationship. Brooke looks shocked.

Taylor wishes she could tell her how to forgive her but she doesn't know how. Taylor has told her many times over the year she is sorry. She will regret it the rest of her life. Aly wonders how she could possibly do that to her mother. Taylor explains Phoebe was in a dangerous situation and she was not thinking clearly. Aly thinks that it should be plain and simple that she is mad and can't forgive her. Oliver thinks that Thorne forgiving her should mean something. Aly doesn't care. Taylor explains that having Thorne forgive her helped her move forward. She believes that because he forgave her it helped him be able to raise Aly the best he could.

Bill thinks that it is impossible. Ridge does not think that is impossible he just has to stay away from Brooke. Bill thinks this is more about Brooke then anything. Bill tells him to keep this quite around Katie because she will not appreciate it. Ridge thinks that is completely different. Bill explains they will be family soon.

Thorne explains Taylor is going back to Paris tonight. Brooke is sorry. Thorne thought she was ready but she wasn't Brooke wonders when he goes back. Thorne tells her he is not because he has to be their for Aly. Brooke thinks he can take her. Thorne can't have her near Taylor. It would be to hard.

Taylor tells Aly she thinks about what she did to her mother and father and her every day. She wants to do anything she can for her. Aly says there is something else. Aly wants to know what happened. Taylor asks what she wants to know. Aly wants to know about the night in Malibu. Taylor explains that Phoebe had called and she was in the middle of no where. It was the night of Aly's party at the beach house. Aly remembers that. Aly remembers having everyone there. Taylor explains Phoebe was stuck on the high way and Darla answered the phone. Darla decided to go and get her. Darla got to Phoebe before she did. Aly knows that Darla was the one changing the tire because that was the type of person she was. Taylor says it was foggy she couldn't see what she was doing. Darla slipped and fell and she couldn't stop. It happened so fast. Taylor is sorry. The two of them cry.

Brooke can tell that Thorne really was in love with her. Thorne thinks they really had something. Brooke hopes that Taylor isn't blaming Aly. Thorne explains no. Thorne believes that Aly has never been the same and has never forgiven Taylor. Brooke hugs Taylor.

Taylor doesn't blame Aly for being mad. She expects her to be angry. Darla was a saint. Aly can't believe she was gone. Oliver thinks it was so tragic for all of them. Aly never got over it. Oliver thinks they have to. Aly believes that Thorne was her rock. Oliver knows that Thorne loved Darla but he had to be there for her. Taylor helped him. Oliver knows that she didn't want Thorne sad the rest of his life. Aly thinks that Taylor helped him get back his life. Taylor hugs Aly. Aly misses her so much. Taylor knows and is so sorry. The two cry again.

Ridge wants to know if Bill is marrying Brooke. Ridge cannot have that. Bill does not think that is his choice. Bill is going to hang out with RJ and he will enjoy it. Bill tells him to lighten up. He doesn't want him around Will but he is choosing to trust Katie like he needs to trust Brooke. Ridge can't trust Brooke anymore. Bill is going to marry Brooke and no longer will Brooke be his "Logan".

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