B&B Tuesday Update 5/13/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/13/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Katie kiss on her bed. Ridge thinks that this is starting to feel like home. Katie is glad because she is not sure if she is going back to Spencer but she does know she is going to take some much needed time off. She believes it will be a lot of fun having Ridge by her side.

Taylor and Thorne go into Eric's office and Taylor cannot believe she underestimated how upset Aly would get. Taylor did not want it to go over life that. Thorne cannot believe he did not realize that would happen. Thorne wonders what he should do. Taylor thinks he should give her love and support. He hates seeing Aly have that much pane.

Aly tells Oliver that she is sorry that he had to see that. Aly cannot believe that Taylor and Thorne would be together. She hates her so much. Oliver knows and knows it is not fair. Aly thinks Oliver is the only one who understands. Oliver thinks that Aly is important to Thorne and she is also important to him

Katie asks how RJ took the news. Ridge explains that RJ is ok with it as long as everyone is going to be together as a family. Katie thinks that he is a good kid. Katie thinks as long as they are all together everything will be ok. She does not think it can get any better than this. Ridge says she will see.

Taylor wishes she could help Aly but she is not the right person. This is her fault and she still has not forgiven herself. Thorne tells her he forgave her years ago. He just wishes that she could as well. Thorne explains as hard as it is this has to end. Taylor knows.

Aly wishes she knew how she was supposed to feel. Aly feels betrayed and confused. She feels bad for Thorne but she wants to know why it has to be Taylor of all people. Oliver believes it may never make sense but he is here to help her. Oliver is staying and not going anywhere.

Katie tells Ridge that Donna stopped by and told her about the engagement. She was shocked but supports her. Katie says that Bill also came by and surprisingly Bill was supportive as well. Ridge does not trust him. Katie says they are just focusing on their children. Ridge had the same conversation with Brooke and he does not want Bill hear his child.

Taylor knows this is the right choice. Thorne thinks maybe when things calm down but right now he needs to focus on Aly. Taylor believes he needs to help her feel safe. Thorne forgets how old Aly is some times. Thorne knows that she needs him right now more than ever. He knows he should have never left or been out of his sight.

Oliver believes it is his job to support her and be there for her. Aly tells Oliver that the thought ran through her head and she took the axe off the table and she wanted to hurt Taylor. Oliver can only imagine what Aly has gone through. Oliver believes the only way to make peace with this is through forgiveness.

Katie understands where Ridge is coming from but they might need to make compromises. Katie does not think that Bill would let anything bad happen to RJ. Ridge does not care. He does not want RJ anywhere near Bill. He doesn't want them in the same room. Katie does not think they have any control over it. Katie thinks it is realistic that Brooke and Bill will get married some day. Ridge thinks the situations are different between the two relationships. He plans to stay married to Katie compared to Bill and Brooke.

Aly is shocked that Oliver wants her to forgive Taylor. Aly can't just forgive the woman who killed her mother. She does not believe that she deserves her forgiveness. Oliver thinks she has her whole life in front of her and that she is a beautiful and gifted woman. She just needs to let it go for her own sake. Oliver is going to go take care of something. Aly sits down and takes a sip of water as Oliver leaves.

Thorne is going to give up is position at international and take back his old job down stairs. Taylor thinks he is an incredible father. He will do anything for her. Taylor will head back to Paris on her own tonight. Oliver comes in and says that he has been talking to Aly. Taylor explains that she is going back. Oliver believes that Aly needs to tackle this issue head on. It is time to fix this issue. Oliver believes they need to get Aly to forgive Taylor. Oliver believes that deep down Aly wants to move on. Thorne thinks that is wrong. Oliver believes that Aly needs closure with Taylor and that it is time. Thorne will not allow it. He will not put his daughter though anymore pain.

Oliver goes back to Aly who explains she cannot forgive Taylor. She cannot let Taylor feel ok with what she did. Oliver wonders what Darla would say right now. Oliver believes that Darla would say something positive. Oliver wants this to be over for Aly to do it for herself. She says it has been very hard to have all this negativity.

Katie and Ridge lay in bed and Katie wonders if they are putting this to bed. Ridge says yes. Katie hopes they can work this out as a family.

Thorne is sorry the way this turned out and hopes that she can move on with out him. Taylor will miss him. She would like to stay updated about Aly. Thorne loves her. Thorne will arrange for the jet to take her back. Throne leaves the room and Taylor cries. Aly and Oliver come in and Aly explains she needs her help. She wants Taylor to teach her how to forgive her.

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