B&B Monday Update 5/12/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/12/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Aly looks very angry holding the axe and Taylor screams in terror telling her now.

Oliver thinks that telling Aly is going to be a lot harder than he thinks it will. Oliver knows that he can't tell Thorne how to live his life but he knows for a fact that Aly is not going to be able to handle this. He explains that Aly still believes Taylor is the reason for her mothers death.

Donna is shocked to hear that Katie is engaged to Ridge. She thinks it is great but does not know what to say. Katie hopes that everyone else can be happy for her. Donna says she is. Bill comes in to get Will. Bill grabs Will and starts playing with him. Katie says she has some news.

Brooke folds her sheets and Ridge shows up at her home. Ridge explains that RJ is thinking over the engagement. Ridge tells Brooke that they will always be family even if he is engaged to Katie.

Donna takes Will down stairs so Bill and Katie can have a moment alone. Bill wonders what is going on. Katie says that this is good news but she wants him to hear it from her. She tells him that Ridge proposed. Bill thinks that is cute. Bill is shocked but does not that mad. Katie hopes that he can be kind to him. Bill reacts well to it.

Brooke wants to make sure that RJ will be fine. Brooke also wants Bill to be ok. Ridge just wants to focus on what is best with for there kids.

Oliver knows he is over stepping but this will hurt Aly very much. Thorne is going to tell Aly. Oliver wonders where Taylor has gone. The two run out of the room.

Aly tells Taylor that she now knows how her mother felt when she was ran down by her car. She puts down the axe and tells her to get out of here because Thorne does not want anything to do with her.

Bill gets a text from Allison wondering when he will be back in the office. Bill wonders if Ridge is going cheap on the honeymoon seeing he went cheap on the ring. Katie tells him to ignore that. Katie thinks this is great seeing that Brooke ruined everything for her with the papers. Bill tells her to get over it because she conned him first. Katie tells him to just stop because they are actually having a good conversation. Bill tells Katie that Brooke tried to get Katie to make the right choice. Bill is not saying sorry for getting back what is rightfully his. Katie is not either. Bill knows that Ridge is going to hurt her eventually. Katie can't enjoy the future if the present is not well.

Ridge tells Brooke that RJ reacted fine. Brooke is just worried but not for herself. Ridge promises that he only proposed to Katie because they want to spend their lives together. Brooke tells him that Bill has not proposed but their love is just as strong. Ridge wonders how she can love someone who only cares about himself.

Taylor explains to Aly that Thorne and her wanted to tell Aly together. Taylor knows she should have waited but she couldn't lie. Aly tells her she is lying and to not act like they are friends. Aly believes her life was destroyed because of Aly. Aly refuses to accept their relationship. Taylor tells her she is a grownup now. She needs to stop this. Aly tells her she hates her. Thorne walks in and tells him to tell Taylor that what she is saying is completely wrong.

Katie wants to know that Bill wants to say about this engagement. Bill does not think that Ridge will be a good man. He will not allow Will to call Ridge dad. Katie is fine with that. Ridge will try to get along with Ridge because of JR and Will so they have to act like one.

Brooke thinks that Bill cares about Will. Brooke believes what Katie did was wrong. Ridge does not want RJ seeing a man around who is not worthy of his mother. Ridge does not want Bill around his son. Brooke will not accept that demand. She believes that if Bill needs to be a part of his life if he will be around Will as well, whether Ridge likes it or not.

Oliver wants to take Taylor out of the room so that Thorne and Aly can talk alone. Aly agrees she wants Taylor out of the room. Thorne wants to know what this is all about first. Aly explains that Taylor thinks they are dating. Taylor tells Thorne that Aly asked and she told her. Aly does not believe her. Thorne explains that it was something that neither of them expected. Aly can't believe this she refuses to listen. She starts crying and pulls away from Thorne and breathes heavily.

Bill tells Brooke that Katie told her. Bill wonders if Ridge was a jerk about it. Brooke says no but Katie was. Katie has moved on. Bill thinks that is a good thing. Brooke does not think that Katie will ever forgive her for the papers though. Bill thinks she will if she is really that happy.

Katie and Ridge talk about how it is crazy that Ridge has changed everything for her. Ridge does not want to talk about Bill right now. Katie thinks he is amazing because Ridge turned a difficult day into something great.

Thorne does not think that Aly is a little girl anymore. Aly refuses to listen. Oliver tells her she needs to try to listen. Thorne says that he and Taylor didn't think this was going to happen. Aly does not want to know. Thorne thinks she should be happy. Aly would love to share her happiness with her mother. Taylor wonders if Darla would want Thorne to be happy. Thorne explains he has never been so happy. Aly thinks he is happier than when he lived with her. Aly cannot accept this. Thorne loves her and would never hurt her. Aly tells her to stop this and not to go back to Paris and forget about Taylor. She cannot do this again Thorne says ok. The two hug.

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