B&B Friday Update 5/9/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/9/14


Written By Deborah
Pictures By Juanita

"You're lucky it was me, not Aly," Oliver responds to Thorne while in his office. Aly has been confiding in him regarding her troubled past with Taylor, including their ill-fared wedding day.  Oliver ties to explain to Thorne how much Aly has NOT gotten over her animosity regarding Taylor in fact, she HATES Taylor he admits.  Thorne unsuccessfully tries to reason with him about how much things have changed since Darla’s accident. "So it's true? You're together?" Oliver asks incredulously.  "Yes we are," Thorne responds. He reasons that Taylor is an experienced psychologist who has nothing but Aly's best interest at heart. Oliver tries to dispel his pleas with admitting Aly revealed that she still talks to Darla. Wait a second Thorne asks... What's up with you and my daughter??! I'm just a friend Oliver back pedals...but my relationship is not the one you need to be worried about!!  Thorne continues to justify his relationship with Taylor. He’s ready to tell everyone, that’s why they are both back from Paris. "She's not ready!!" Oliver reiterates and it looks like Thorne is finally listening...

"Is there a damsel in distress?" Medieval Charlie asks as he stumbles over to Pam's desk decked out in knight’s garb. Pam's delighted and flirts but quickly expresses her displeasure in Aly seemingly disinterested in their favorite pastime. They continue with flirty banter and Pam expresses her excitement about the impending medieval themed photo shoot with Oliver.

Back at Spencer, Wyatt and Justin are discussing the final details of his becoming an official "Spencer." "Wyatt Spencer...sure has a nice ring to it!" Justin congratulates the newest member of the Spencer clan.  "Sure does!" Wyatt smiles back.  Caroline walks in and quickly congratulates her cousin as well... until she realizes the celebration is about a name change NOT his engagement to Hope. Justin leaves as Wyatt quickly fills her in. Leave it to Caroline to quickly recognize the biggest benefit regarding his name change.  Not the notoriety the Spencer name will bring but... how awful is Hope FULLER?! HopeFULL?! Yikes!!

At Forrester, Hope is reviewing a few looks with some models as Quinn walks into her office also giving her approval saying, "I'm not just right about jewelry."  Hope laughs and the conversation quickly turns to picking men. "You’re not going to want to wait any longer when you hear my news she smiles smugly.  Quinn explains that Bill just gave Wyatt his last name and now HFTF will be in the spotlight…she is now clearly dating two brothers!  Quinn leaves.  As Hope finishes with the prints, Wyatt walks in. She comments on his moms visit but quickly ends the conversation with a kiss.  You're not going to miss being a Fuller she asks?? He answers with another kiss…"Nope!"

Aly and Taylor stare each other down in awkward silence. "Why are you here"? Aly manages to get out...her displeasure evident. Taylor steps close and responds saying "at Forrester you mean?? Aly's not only meaning Forrester but LA...period.  "I don't think you realize what you being here does to me" Aly tells Taylor, looking more and more distressed. Taylor continues to appeal to Aly stating how much she understands her feelings and offering to call Thorne. Aly is clearly getting upset twisting past events and laying all blame on Taylor. 

Taylor explains how close she and her father have become but Aly mocks her by saying, "He wanted your expert opinion, is that it?" Taylor relates how much Thorne’s life has been put on hold while being a single father, but Aly's tirade is just getting started. There will be no happy ending for Taylor and Thorne... Darla was his one and only. She will not stand for Taylor taking her dad too!  Uh-oh...looks like there's a random axe left behind from the medieval photo shoot. As Taylor turns her back to grab her cell to call Thorne, Aly looks at the axe and dangerously reminds Taylor of just how much she has taken from her. Taylor turns as Aly grabs the axe and comes towards her, letting out a blood curdling scream.

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