B&B Wednesday Update 5/7/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/7/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is shocked to hear that Katie is engaged to Ridge and wants to know when. Katie explains it was right after Brooke tried to take her down. She thinks it is all better now.

Rick goes through a meeting and Carter takes the floor. Carter asks if Ridge would like to take the floor instead. Rick asks if Ridge is trying to get rid of Oliver still. Ridge tells them all that he is always trying to get rid of Oliver. Eric asks where Brooke is. Rick wonders where Hope is as well.

Hope and Wyatt are on the patio. Wyatt gives Hope a cat collar and thinks that it is perfect and explains she loves it. Hope wonders why Quinn is so late.

Quinn just wants what is right. The Brooke will never have to hear about them having sex. Quinn will get what she wants. Quinn calls Wyatt and Wyatt wonders where she is. Quinn explains that Bill is back in charge of Spencer but Bill wants to see him right away. Bill wants to know why she did that as he said nothing yet. Quinn knows he will.

Ridge tells everyone that Katie is no longer CEO and it is all thanks to Brooke.

Katie knows that Brooke is only here to make sure that she is ok but she really is ok because she engaged to Ridge Forrester and she knows Brooke knows exactly how that feels.

Hope is shocked that this is all happening. Wyatt thinks this huge and does not think anything could break up Brooke and Bill now.

Quinn shows Bill the video and explains that she will get what she wants. Quinn knows that Bill do the right thing and they will get Wyatt Hope.

Carter reads over the article that states that Bill is back in charge. Eric wants to know what this is all about. Ridge tells everyone that he is now engaged to Katie. They are all shocked.

Brooke asks what the string tied around Katie's finger is. Katie explains it is her engagement ring. Katie tells her tat Bill used to bring her home a million diamonds. Katie wants to know how many engagement rings she has now. Brooke has to get to a meeting. Katie will not tolerate Brooke throwing herself at Ridge. Brooke has no intention of doing that. Brooke wonders if Katie wonders why Ridge did this. Brooke thinks this was just revenge on Brooke from Ridge. Katie did not think about that but knows that makes sense in Brookes mind. Katie knows she is Ridges future and Brooke should not be mad about that because she is with Bill. Brooke is happy. Katie knows that Ridge is in love with her. Katie does not need her worrying about her because she has the man of her dreams. Brooke leaves.

Ridge thinks that was the shortest meeting they even had. Rick thinks that Ridge has a bombshell. Ridge thinks it was a great thing. Rick does not think that Ridge will treat her right. Rick knows that even though Bill is not a good person. Brooke is his life.

Quinn means him no harm but she will have her way. Quinn is not going to have Liam steal Hope. She asks him again to do this for Wyatt as it would mean everything to him.

Wyatt decides he better get going. Hope thanks him for the collar. Wyatt kisses Hope.

Caroline comes to see Katie's engagement ring and is shocked to see it is just a red ribbon. Caroline thinks she looks very happy. Katie is shocked that she will be Katie Forrester. Katie thinks this is fitting.

Ridge gets off the phone. Brooke shows up. She closes the door and tells him that she stopped by at Katie's. Ridge cannot believe she did that. Brooke tells him it had nothing to do with Katie. Brooke cannot believe that Ridge proposed to Katie just because of what she did.

Quinn knows that Wyatt will be here any minute. She asks him to come through for him. Wyatt shows up and asks if Bill is here and in charge. Bill asks for a congratulations. Wyatt hugs him. Quinn tells Wyatt he has something to tell Wyatt. Bill tells him that Quinn is right he has something to say to him. He didn't even know him a year ago and he was shocked. They may still but he is blessed to have another son. Quinn tells Wyatt that Bill wants to make him a Spencer.

Katie thinks this day is crazy. Caroline wonders what Brooke is thinking right now.

Brooke thinks this is going overboard. Ridge believes there relationship is more than what Brooke is making it. Ridge tells Brooke to dump Bill before she gets hurt. Brooke does not want to. Brooke thinks he will get bored with Katie. She is worried that he is going to hurt Katie, RJ, and Will. Brooke asks him not to marry Katie for everyone's sake. Ridge is committed and will marry her. Ridge tells her that he will always love her because she has captivated him most of his adult life but they are not the same people anymore. Brooke hugs Ridge. She cries.

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