B&B Tuesday Update 5/6/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/6/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill loves that he gets to be around Will. This is all because of Brooke. Brooke knows that this was the right thing after watching what Katie was doing. He knows that this has damaged her relationship with Katie, though, and plans to be a good person to her for the rest of his life. Brooke knows that he will do it because he already has. He is a believer of them.

Katie asks if Ridge really wants to marry her. Ridge does and asks her to say yes.

Quinn tells Liam to savor the time he has been bullying Hope. Liam tells Quinn to get a life so she wont be around him and Hope and even Wyatt. Just stay away from Bill as well. Quinn wonders why he would bring up Bill. Liam does not even think he is important but she just needs to stop meddling. She believes Quinn could find a man if she really tried. Liam knows about Bill hooking up with Quinn but it won't do it anymore.

Allison comes in to take Will to his nap. Brooke gives a stuffed dog for him to sleep with. Brooke can't imagine Katie is very happy right now.

Katie cannot believe this. Ridge thinks this a good idea. Ridge knows he has made promises before but this time it is different. Katie understands what he is saying. Ridge feels that this is the first time he has been able to breath. He didn't want to ask this way but he is ready to be with her forever. Ridge wonders if Katie remembers tying string around her finger to remember something. Ridge ties a piece of ribbon around her finger to remind her that they are meant to be together no matter what because he loves Katie Logan more than life itself. He asks her to says she will marry him. Katie cries.

Quinn wonders what happened between Bill and Brooke. Liam tells her everything that has just happened and that she shouldn't even try anymore.

Brooke tells Bill that Katie did feel bad but that she was being to stubborn and now everything is back the way is should be. Brooke believes that Katie is a good employee. Bill agrees.

Katie asks if this is what he really wants. Katie does not want Ridge to say anything else though but she wants to know if this is really what he wants and not just a way to make her feel better. Ridge tells Katie this is up to her. Katie thinks this is a leap of faith. Ridge is here to catch her.

Brooke thinks that that Katie must be in a strange place. Bill knows that it was time though because Katie got her run. Brooke just wishes that Katie would have been more reasonable. Brooke knows that she betrayed her because she went with Bill and not her. Bill thanks her. Brooke wonders what will happen now. Brooke is going to go talk to Katie. Bill does not think it will work but he understands. Bill cannot wait for Allyson to come through the door to see Will and bring him home. Brooke knows that nothing will ever change the bond the two of them have created.

Katie asks Ridge to repeat the question. Ridge gets on his knees and asks Katie to marry him. Katie says yes she will and nothing will keep them apart. Katie will be there to catch him if he ever falls. The two kiss kneeled over on the ground.

Quinn walks in Bill's office. Bill tells her that his day was going so well. She reminds him that Brooke did this for him not him. Quinn knows that Brooke must be crazy about him. Quinn thinks that Brooke must have a breaking point. She knows that if Brooke found out that things were going to change. Bill does not think that he was cheating. Quinn will keep her lips permanently sealed so long as Wyatt has his name. Quinn is happy for him but thinks it would a shame if something were to change that. Quinn knows that he went nuts waiting for her. She does not think that this is that hard. Quinn asks one more time really nicely to give Wyatt his name and she wont say a word.

Brooke comes over to see Katie and wants to talk to her. Katie cannot believe this. Brooke explains that she did not do this to hurt her but because it was right. Katie tells Brooke that Bill slept with her to do this. Katie tells Brooke she can take Will's bag though for tonight. Katie explains that she is letting go of her anger. Brooke says ok. Katie is fine with Bill having equal custody. Brooke thinks that is great. Katie explains she is starting a new adventure because she is marrying Ridge and she will be Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Brooke looks shocked.

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