B&B Monday Update 5/5/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/5/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill picks up Will and kisses him on the forehead. Brooke smiles and Bill is so happy that Brooke kept the papers. Brooke explains she is a hoarder jokingly. Bill thought she got rid of these. Brooke tells him that Katie thought the same thing. Bill kisses Brooke again.

Katie walks back and forth angry and worried in her office and Ridge walks in. Ridge wants to know why Katie called him up to pick up Will and then said not to. Katie says that Bill has equal custody. Ridge doesn't think he does. Katie explains he does and that he is the CEO of Spencer Publications. Katie tells him this is not his office anymore.

Wyatt works on his computer. Quinn wants to know if Wyatt has tracked Hope down. He says no but that he will see her tonight

Hope and Liam bring the cat to her office and Hope wants to hold the cat. She loves it so much. She hugs it. Hope wants to go back to the shelter as much as she can. Pam walks in and explains that she loves cats. Liam wants her to adopt one. Pam does not need to be tempted Hope is so proud of Liam. Wyatt and Quinn walk in and ask what Hope has. Hope explains Liam got her a cat. Quinn tells her she is allergic.

Katie tells Ridge that Bill had tricked her into signing papers months ago and now Brooke has decided to use the papers against her. Ridge thinks this was Bill's idea. Katie does not think so. She believes that Brooke has done this all on her own.

Bill cannot believe that Brooke brought back the two things that mean the most to him. Brooke tells Bill they should go now so they can get him back in his office where he belongs. Bill kisses Brooke again.

Hope thinks it is important to get a pet from a shelter. Liam tells Quinn she should get a pet to soften up her image. Liam wants to play with the cat tonight. Wyatt explains that he is going to have her at night. Liam gets a phone call and has to go. Hope thanks Liam and leaves. Liam tells Quinn she was not joking about the dog. Wyatt tells Quinn she should get back to work.

Katie cannot believe this is no longer her office. She believes things change quickly around here. Ridge tells her that they are still the same. Katie is shocked that Brooke would do this because now she is no better than him. Katie can't believe that she lost custody of her son. Bill and Brooke walk in. Bill gives Katie Will. Bill walks over to his desk. He says he is sorry and knows it is not easy. Katie says she will fight him, she has spoken with her lawyer and with Karen and she is going to win. Bill knows that things like this are usually over before they even begin. Bill is in charge now as it should be according to him. Ridge doesn't think this was a fair choice. Bill does not think he has a choice in this. Brooke tells Katie she did not want to do this but she had to. Bill is CEO again and it is done. Bill is changing his visitation rights. Bill is offering Katie a job as an executive. Katie wonders if the people she hired are going to keep there jobs. Bill explains that he will keep people who are good at what they do. Brooke tells Katie that Bill is not a dictator. Katie says that Brooke knows nothing. Katie is going to put together a bag for Will. She explains her schedule for him and starts crying. Bill says that he loves Will just as much as she does. Katie tells Will she loves him more than anything and to have fun with Brooke and Bill. The two leave. Liam walks in and asks what is going on. Bill tells him that Katie is gone and he is CEO again. Liam congratulates him and hugs him.

Hope wonders if Quinn is really allergic to cats. Wyatt has no idea. He knows that Liam did a great job today. Hope explains that he is doing a really difficult thing. Wyatt says for her to take as much time as she needs because he already knows the end game. Hope believes this is all hard. Wyatt knows that Liam is a great guy but that only one of them can truly make Hope happy and only Wyatt has done that consistently

Liam talks on the phone explaining that Bill is back in charge. Quinn walks in and can't believe he bought Hope a cat

Allison and Justin walk in and Allison asks if it is true. Bill says it is and tells her that he never gave him permission to become a brunette. Bill tells them all that no one is going to take pleasure in Katie's down fall.

Katie thanks Ridge for being there for her. Ridge wants to know what he can do to make her day better. The two hug.

Liam tells Quinn to leave. Quinn knows that Hope is not that shallow and will not buy into this. She believes that Liam is monopolizing her time. Liam does not believe that at all.

Hope plays with the cat and thinks about Liam. She smiles.

Brooke asks how it feels. Bill believes better than he wanted. He loves having it back. He believes the company is like one of his children. He has it all back, he has his life back. He has Will, Brooke, and his company all because of her.

Katie wonders if she can work at Spencer. Ridge thinks that she should sleep on it. Katie wonders if she should even fight this. Katie does not know what to do. Ridge knows that Brooke will be able to handle the child. Katie thinks she is starting over again. Ridge does not think this is all bad. Ridge wonders if there is a new start from all this. Katie wonders if she knows how to function anymore. Ridge asks if Katie will marry him.

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