B&B Thursday Update 5/1/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/1/14


Written By Carole
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Katie are making out in her office at Spencer Publications.

Liam is doing a story on animal shelters in Los Angeles.  He has taken Hope to one of the local ones for a tour.  Hope is duly impressed that this means so much to him.

Bill is spending time with Will and Brooke at Brooke's.  Brooke takes the contract out of her purse, when she tells Bill that it's not fair how Katie is treating him.

Hope and Liam are met by Brandon who takes them on a tour of the shelter.  They talk about how underfunded the shelters are, as they walk by their homeless guests.  Brandon asks Hope and Liam if they have a dog.  They awkwardly tell him they just started dating.

Back in Katie's office, Ridge is being supportive, but notices she is checking her watch. Katie is anxious and missing Will, and says it's good that Will is spending time with his father.  Katie says that he wants more time, and Ridge says that's not gonna happen.  He compliments her on being a very capable, sexy woman who is able to run this company.  Ridge takes her in his arms, and they go back to making out.

Bill is whining to Brooke that Katie gets to spend all her time with Will, and run his company into the ground.  He feels powerless, and there's nothing he can do.  Brooke tells him that's not true.   He says that he's tried reasoning with Katie, and nothing's working. His sister won't even reinstate him.

While strolling through the shelter, we learn that Liam's mother fostered dogs when he was a kid. He said that the only problem with that was having to let them go.  Hope says that Liam has one of the biggest hearts she's ever known.  Liam is happy to do the story and hopes it makes an impact.  They go to the main part of the shelter. 

Ridge and  Katie are still being romantic.  She's feeling sympathetic towards Bill as a father.  She doesn't want him to think that she's punishing him.  Ridge doesn't like her mood swing, and says that "He made his bed."

Bill thinks he hears Will says Dada, and Brooke agrees.  Bill resents not being able be the father that he would like to be. He doesn't want to be like his father, who abandoned him.  Brooke doesn't think he is. Bill gets sad when Brooke tells him that he only has an hour left. Brooke suddenly says that she has somewhere to go.  She gives him a kiss and grabs her purse.  She looks at the contract (which he doesn't know that she has) one more time, before she takes off.

At the shelter, Brandon reads off statistics that are horrifying to any animal lover.  They meet up with another shelter worker, when Brandon has to take off.  They are shown the medical area, and it hurts to see the wounded and abandoned animals.  They meet a volunteer who has several dogs that she has saved. She deliberately saves dogs with disabilities and other health issues.  One dog named Daredevil was born without eyes and was abused.  Shelly, the volunteer's name, says it took a lot of tender loving care for daredevil to even let someone touch him.  Hope is petting him.

Brooke has gone straight to see Katie at Spencer.  She's surprised to see Ridge there, and there's an awkward conversation about their son RJ.   When she learns that Ridge is picking up Will, Brooke takes issue with Katie.  Katie says that Ridge is doing her a favor, but Brooke thinks that if Katie has to work, the time should be allotted to Bill.

At the shelter, Hope and Liam meet a doctor who says that they treat between 300 to 600 animals, depending on the time of the year.  As the doctor fills them in, we see animals with injuries, and we see people with their pets being treated.  Hope thanks Liam for bringing her, and gives him a hug.

As Bill enjoys time with his son, Brooke and Katie are arguing about him as a father and a CEO.  Brooke says that they're all happy now, and that Katie is with Ridge.  Brooke tells Katie to give Bill equal custody of his son, as well as his job as CEO back.

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