B&B Wednesday Update 4/30/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/30/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill wonders if Quinn is black mailing him. Quinn explains that she is just getting Bill to do what is right when it comes to Wyatt. Quinn demands that Wyatt get the support her wants and she is going to make sure he gets them.

Brooke wonders if she went to Liam's. Hope explains that she is not ready to let Liam go but she is not going to lose Wyatt. She has to make a choice soon. It is not fair to either of them though.

Liam explains on the phone that he wants to do animal rights. Wyatt walks in and explains that he might have made his way back into Hope life but in the long run she belongs with him. Wyatt tells him not to count on it.

Aly calls Oliver and explains that she was thinking about him. Oliver is looking forward to seeing her again. Aly cannot wait to see him again. Someone over hears Oliver talking to Aly and asks what he is up to.

Aly eats a salad outside and looks at her phone again and texts Oliver she is having lunch.

Oliver gets the text and he explains that she is having a salad.

Quinn wonders if Bill knows about the pregnancy scare. Bill has heard. She remembers when she was pregnant. Quinn is not going to tell Brooke if she gets what she want.

Wyatt believes that Hope was alright with being pregnant until Liam got involved. Liam believes that he gave Hope an option. Wyatt believes he has been given a little more time but that is it.

Bob Barker shows up at Liam's office and Liam is happy to have him here. Bob is happy to be here to talk about animal rights. Liam offers him a seat so they can start talking.

Aly comes over to Caroline and asks if she is busy. She asks how things are going. Aly asks if she has told anyone. Caroline promised she wouldn't. Aly does not want Ridge firing him. She begs that no one can no who she is dating.

Othello asks if Oliver likes the music. Oliver likes it but is just nerve wracked right now. Oliver is not stringing Aly around. She is a nice girl. Othello does not know if that means anything if he does not love her.

Quinn promises not to tell Brooke if Wyatt gets his name. Hope was not almost pregnant with Liam's child. It was Wyatt's. He needs help getting Hope.

Hope wants a child because she wants one not because she has to have one and she has to take control of her life starting right now.

Liam would like to know how Bob Barker got involved with Animal rights. Bob explains that he loves animals and believes that he is a long time Animal lover. He believes that there is to many cats and dogs though that just don't have homes. The only answer is spay and neuter. He believes that is the right choice. Liam wonders about adoption. Bob thinks they should go to the shelter and they will probably be there but if they don't you should just leave there number and they will call you when they have your bread. Liam explains he is going down to the shelter right now.

Caroline thinks there is nothing wrong with taking things slow. Caroline decides she better get going when Aly gets a text that Oliver is going to see her.

Oliver believes that he can help her out. Make her feel special. Oliver thinks that Aly's house is beautiful and shows Othello.

Quinn wants Bill to show some respect. Quinn thinks that Wyatt should everything good that life has to offer. One way or another she is going to make sure Wyatt gets everything he needs.

Hope gets a call from Liam and wonders if she can come with him. Hope explains to Brooke she has to go.

Oliver sees Aly outside and Aly wonders why they would want to meet here. Oliver wants to borrow Wyatt's trailer and have the two of them go for a few days. Aly was not expecting this so soon. Aly says she wants to go. Oliver will make this special for her he promises.

Brooke gets home and she thinks Bill looks yummy in her bedroom. Bill kisses Brooke. The two kiss passionately. Brooke thinks that Bill is sort of tense. Bill thinks it feels like dream with her sometimes. Brooke knows what he means. Every time she tried to send him away he always came back. That is a new experience for her. Brooke knows that she is the only woman in his life.

Quinn looks at photos of Bill and her. Wyatt explains that he just got back from Liam and that he is doing something on animals. Wyatt explains that Liam is over confident. Quinn knows Wyatt is the man for Hope and to never forget that.

Hope shows up at the shelter and wonders what is going on. Liam explains they are going to be interviewing people at the animal shelter and Hope is going to be very impressed.

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