B&B Tuesday Update 4/29/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/29/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam is glad that Hope has come over. He planned to call her. Hope explains that it was pretty late when she got home last night. Liam asks how it went with Wyatt. Hope explains that it was a shocker for him, but a lot of things were opened for her when she had the pregnancy scare. Hope wants to make sure that Wyatt knows what Hope needs.

Wyatt looks at photos of Hope and thinks about her. He frowns. Quinn shows up and knows something is wrong. She asks if it is Hope.

Brooke wakes up in bed and hears the noise of a horse. Bill is hovering over her with a phone. Brooke wants to make sure that is not her new alarm clock ring tone. Brooke wants to kiss Bill. The two start to kiss passionately. Brooke thinks Bill is feeling very happy this morning. Bill is just loving his good fortune and is happy that things are like this now. Bill believes they will spend the rest of there time together in this bed. Brooke explains that she will do other things together with him. Brooke will make her famous French toast. Bill wonders if Brooke is hungry. Bill is going to stay exactly where she is because he is making her breakfast in bed. Brooke looks at her phone and calls him a cute stallion. She looks in her bag and sees the contracts again. She frowns.

Wyatt knows that Quinn was right. He assumed that Liam could never get inside her head but he did. Quinn knows that Liam demanded something because he is a spoiled brat. Quinn does not think that Hope deserves him. Wyatt tells her never to say that again.

Hope explains that Wyatt knows things are different now. Liam believes that Wyatt will not like this one bit. Hope just needs this time to figure out which one of them she can really marry. Liam kisses Hope.

Bill tells Brooke she needs to get to the office. Brooke is sorry that he is not going to work. Bill is ok with that he just wishes that Katie would give her custody. Bill is done with Katie though, he can go another way and he thinks it is time to go into plans.

Liam wonders if he should be an RV. Hope says she just needs to think about things. Hope knows that Wyatt is hurting a lot more than he led on.

Quinn wants to know how she could do this to him. Wyatt does not think she is doing anything to him. Quinn does not think this is ok. Wyatt thinks that Hope needs to decide something on her own. She does not want the pregnancy test to decide for her. Quinn does understand that. Quinn wonders what this means for them though. If Liam can guilt her into taking him back then he can basically do anything.

Bill explains he is going to start his own business from the down up like his father did. Brooke wonders about Will she also wonders if he is going to be able to put the same passion in it. Brooke explains she loves her sister but he shouldn't be marginalized by Katie. She thinks that he is a good person. With Ridge there was always another woman but with Bill there is no one else she is the only one. It is just her and she likes that. The two kiss and Bill thinks about having sex with Quinn and looks frightened.

Wyatt explains one crises at a time. Quinn is happy that he is finally admitting it is one. Wyatt is just happy that this time Bill is not giving Liam favorites again. Quinn wonders about that. Wyatt knows that he is the better woman for Hope. Quinn knows that too. Quinn explains he will have the life that he deserves.

Liam wonders if Hope would like to go sailing. Hope explains that as important as this choice is, she cannot let this control her. She is going to do things for her not for anyone else. Liam understands but still thinks it will be with him. Hope does not look confident in that.

Quinn walks into Brooke's room and explains that she waited until Brooke left. She explains that Wyatt is in trouble. Quinn demands that Bill step up. Wyatt needs the same perks as Liam. Quinn explains that Wyatt loves Hope and if Liam guilts Hope into anything it will be the end of Wyatt. Bill tells her that Wyatt is a strong kid. Bill believes that Wyatt can take care of himself. Bill is not having this conversation. Quinn thinks that Bill is afraid of Brooke coming back and seeing her. Quinn needs Bill to help Wyatt and not let him down.

Hope shows up at work. She looks through her mail and gets a text from Liam asking if she has decided yet. Hope remembers what she said about making her own choice and thinks about time she spent with Liam.

Liam sits in his living room and looks at photos of Hope.

Hope gets another text from Wyatt and it is a picture of the two of them and now she starts to think about Wyatt and her together. Hope sighs and looks scared.

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