B&B Monday Update 4/28/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/28/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Aly explains to Oliver that Taylor Hayes destroyed her family and it was not ok. Oliver explains that it was a long time ago and she can't do anything to hurt her now. Aly knows because she scared her away.

In Paris Thorne and Taylor are in bed with Thorne on top of Taylor. Taylor thinks people will start to talk.

Wyatt goes outside his house and makes a phone call. He remembers what Hope said earlier about Liam wanting to make her dinner.

Liam knew that Hope would show up tonight. He knew that she was not ready for this to be over. Hope explains things are different now. Liam thinks they are in a step towards the right direction and he doesn't want anything else. Liam tells Hope that when she is with him just be with him otherwise she will go crazy. Hope tells him that she still has to talk to Wyatt about this. Liam agrees.

Aly knows she should be over this but Taylor never had to pay for it. Aly believes her parents were very in love and if it was not for Taylor they would still be together.

Taylor feels like spending time with Thorne is like old times. The two smile at each other in bed. Taylor wonders if Thorne knows how much he has changed. Thorne explains he has to give some credit to her. She is glad she can share it with him. Taylor believes things are so different than before. Taylor mentions she was never blamed for Darla's death. Thorne knows it was an accident. They were going to get married. Taylor knows but Aly was not happy. Taylor thinks that the way they have kept it has been good.

Aly remembers how sad Thorne was and Taylor swooped in and took advantage. Oliver wants to be here for her. Aly knows people think she worries to much. Aly wonders how Oliver could be interested in her when he had Hope. Oliver is drawn to her as a person. Aly can really tell that Oliver is a good person and she knows she can trust him.

Liam blows out the candles and sighs.

Hope comes over to Wyatt's and Hope asks what all of this is. Wyatt explains that this is what happens when Hope texts she is coming over. Hope says she was at Liam's. Wyatt does not care he is only interested in her. Hope says she made a choice and she is going to date both of them. Hope really wants him to be a part of this but she will understand. Hope was really freaked out over the pregnancy scare. Hope asks Wyatt to say something. Wyatt would rather not. Hope believes their relationship is very important but some things need to change. Wyatt is shocked that Hope does not want to have sex anymore. Hope just needs the time to move forward. Hope has wanted to take things slow. Wyatt wonders if she wants to talk or have his answer. Wyatt kisses Hope.

Thorne explains he doesn't want to hurt Aly. Taylor doesn't want to either. Thorne thought things would have been better by now but they really aren't. Taylor thinks he is being a good father. Thorne was ready to marry her. Taylor just doesn't think we should push it.

Oliver doesn't want people judging them for being together. Oliver knows that Aly knows what feels right for her. Aly does. She kisses Oliver.

Liam looks at photos of Hope.

Wyatt knows that Liam and her had a few weddings and got to live together and would want that too. Hope understands this is a bit crazy. She never thought she would be guilty of what Brooke did to men. She is sorry. Wyatt knows that Hope loves her. Hope promises that she will not drag this out. Wyatt wants this to be a night to remember if it is the last night for a while. Wyatt tells her to turn her phone off and he will open a bottle of wine. She can stay the night.

Oliver thinks that secrets can be fun. Aly wonders if he is just her little secret. Oliver says no. Aly explains she wouldn't be doing this unless he is her boyfriend. She wonders if he is. Oliver certainly hopes so. Aly decides she better get home because Eric will be wondering where she is. She will see him tomorrow. Aly leaves.

Liam thinks about Hope.

Hope cannot spend the night with him anymore. Wyatt would like a list so they are clear then. Wyatt wants to know what he can and can't do. Wyatt explains that there is a lot of fun they can do that doesn't involve actual sex. Hope tells Wyatt he needs to understand why she is doing this. She is thinking about the rest of her life. She needs some time. Wyatt says she will have that. It's him though. He kisses Hope passionately. Hope smiles.

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