B&B Friday Update 4/25/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/25/14


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Juanita


At home, Liam answers the knock at his door with a bouquet of flowers. It's Hope, as expected, so he hands her the flowers and she walks in. She admires all of the trouble he went to but points out that she didn't like his ultimatum. He says that what he put to her was not an ultimatum, but a choice. She admits that she's surprised that he didn't do something like this sooner. They laugh and joke around, and he thanks her for coming. He proposes that this is a new beginning for them. He hands her wine and makes a silly toast to their date. She asks what they're having for dinner, but he wants to keep it as a surprise. They chat about her being there and his previous kidnapping of her. They drink wine. Later, they eat dinner and talk about their previous visit to Italy. He made a special eggplant dish that they enjoyed there. He got the recipe from the chef at the restaurant they went to in Italy. She tries it and agrees that he's amazing. He tells her that she opened his eyes. He had been sleepwalking and thought she would come back one day, but her pregnancy scare really woke him up. Now here they are. He holds her hands and says that he knows she feels the same way that he does. He declares that tonight, they start over. Hope confides that until she was in his driveway, she didn't know that she would come there for their date. He's happy she made it, and she admits that she didn't want to lose him. She also admits, when they joke around, that she doesn't want him to date anyone else, either. Liam asks her not to have sex any more with Wyatt while they're dating. She agrees, after a moment's thought, but asks him if he's really okay with that. He agrees that he is and tells her that he wants the future that they almost had. They kiss and then hug.

In the Forrester offices, Carter takes Maya's hands and tells her that he admires her passion, and her wanting to protect Aly.  However, he reminds her that she's a Forrester. Maya doesn't care because Aly is very young and innocent. Carter doesn't think that Oliver will hurt her, but Maya looks doubtful. She plays the recording again that she made of Oliver talking about dating Aly in order to keep his job. Carter assures her that it was just "guy talk". He thinks that Aly has changed, for the better, because of Oliver. She admits that might be true. She speculates about what will happen if Oliver hurts Aly. They discuss how Aly used to act. Maya hints that Aly might be a little crazy.

Oliver is kissing Aly in his office. She breaks the kiss to confirm that it was ok for her to say that she can't stop thinking about him. He agrees and says that he feels the same way, so they go back to kissing. She breaks the kiss again, and he can tell that something's wrong. He gives her a comforting hug. He tells her that he can tell something's wrong and wishes she would let him know what it was. She doesn't like to talk about herself. After he asks about her mom, she talks about how much she misses her. She blames "that woman" (Taylor). He hugs Aly and then she tells him more about Taylor. Hesitatingly, she tells him that she went to therapy after her mom died (when she was 3) and that it went on for years. He asks if it helped. She tells him about how she didn't have any friends in school and was bullied because she was different. He agrees that she is different, "in a very good way". Aly says that her dad tells her that. She hopes that her dad stays away from Taylor, then she starts venting again about her and tells him about how she tore up her wedding dress. She finishes by telling him how much she hates Taylor. He just holds her and consoles her. Oliver advises her not to stress about Taylor, who's no longer a part of her life. She agrees. He says that she's good, strong, and she has him. They hug again. She declares that everything will be okay as long as "that woman" stays away from her father.

While Oliver and Aly are chatting, we keep seeing this couple having sex (their silhouettes, mostly) in a bed behind gauzy curtains, and music playing. At the end, we see that it's Thorne and Taylor. They've just finished making love and lie on the bed, sweaty, with big smiles on their faces.

Wyatt's in his office, looking at some type of contract or writing on his computer. He minimizes it and sees his desktop, which is a photo of him and Hope. Quinn walks in just then. He's glad that she didn't go over to Liam's, and she can tell that he didn't, either. She wants to know if Hope went over there, or where she is, but he doesn't know. He acts irritated that she's asking these questions. Quinn worries that Liam will get Hope back now and that Wyatt isn't doing enough. Wyatt tells her that he trusts Hope, and he can't act jealous. Quinn can tell that he's upset about the fact that Hope might be with Liam. He admits that he is, but he has to trust that he and Hope are in love, and nothing Liam does can compare with that. Later, Wyatt sits in his office and looks at the desktop photo again, and he flashes back to them having sex.

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