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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/24/14


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Juanita

At Forrester, Wyatt is upset to hear that Liam expects Hope to have dinner with him and that they'd be officially dating again. Hope tries to explain how deeply Liam was affected by her almost being pregnant with Wyatt's baby. Wyatt is worried that Hope's still emotionally tied to Liam. Hope worries about hurting Wyatt. He asks her what she's going to do, but she's not sure yet. Wyatt looks deeply into her eyes and suggests that she tell Liam that she's committed to him, not Liam. They kiss and then hug. Hope looks worried.

Liam nervously prepares dinner for himself and Hope at home. He opens some wine and drinks some while he chops. He watches for Hope expectantly. Later, Liam puts on romantic music and tidies up a bit. We can hear the sound of the ocean surf in the background. Liam smells the bouquet of roses that he's bought for her.

At the Forrester meeting about Brooke's Bedroom line, they're finishing up the meeting. Caroline teases Aly about almost being the spokesmodel for the line. Brooke is glad that Aly wasn't offended and comments that she's beautiful. Carter and Maya exchange concerned looks.  Then they go outside and discuss how Oliver is using Aly. Carter warns her not to use the audio tape she made of Oliver's remarks about Aly because it's against the law to record someone without their permission. Maya plans to try to get more information from Oliver about his intentions.

In his office, Oliver smiles as he watches the video he took of Aly underwater, on his PC. Maya drops by and sees what he's watching. She presses him for more information about what he's been doing with Aly. Maya accuses Oliver of suggesting Aly be the spokesmodel for the bedroom line because he wants to be the photographer and also because he wants to see her in lingerie. He agrees with both of those things. However, then she asks him not to take advantage of Aly, which shocks him. They argue about it. Oliver admits that he likes the Forresters and his job there, but he genuinely likes Aly. Maya asks him to remember in the future that Aly is young and inexperienced, so he agrees.

When Caroline and Aly are left alone in the boardroom, Caroline urges Aly to tell her why she looks so happy and excited. She guesses that it's because of a guy. Aly says that there is someone, but it's a secret as to who it is. She asks Caroline to keep her secret and not to tell anyone, including Rick. Caroline agrees. After much hemming and hawing, Aly confides that Oliver kissed her. Caroline is surprised. Aly is confused about her feelings and says that Oliver seems to think that she's pretty. Caroline is completely supportive of their relationship. Aly wonders if she's reading too much into things with Oliver. Caroline can't really give an opinion about that, saying that Aly is the one who should know. Aly decides that no, he really does like her. Caroline realizes that she knows now why Aly didn't get offended when Oliver suggested that she model for the Brooke's Bedroom line. Caroline is happy for her but advises her to be careful with her feelings. She tells her not to hand over everything to any guy. "Always make sure there's enough left for you," she says. Aly agrees and thanks her. They hug.

Quinn finds Wyatt on the rooftop lounge, wanting to talk about what happened in the meeting, but he's very preoccupied. She wonders what happened, so he explains in an annoyed way about Liam demanding equal time with Hope. Quinn thinks it's ridiculous, too. Wyatt isn't sure what Hope is going to do. Quinn yells at him to get over to Liam's and set him straight, or else she will.

Hope chats with Brooke about her choice of whether to date the two brothers or not. Brooke understands that Hope doesn't want to repeat her mistakes. Hope doesn't want to give up Wyatt but isn't sure she's ready to lose Liam for good, either. Brooke advises her to make a choice, even though one of them will get their heart broken. She even offers to ask Liam to back off, but Hope doesn't want her to get involved. Brooke relents but suggests that she just follow her instincts. Hope thanks her mom and they hug.

Carter chats with Maya again. She tells him that Oliver said all of the right things about Aly, but she still worries about what he said about her on the tape. She's very worried about Oliver targeting the younger woman and disrespecting her.

Aly drops by Oliver's office. He shows her the video he took of them in the pool and tells her that he sent her a copy. She thanks him but hesitates to say more. After he prods her, she admits that she can't stop thinking about her. He stands up and tells her that's what he was hoping to hear. He kisses her.

Liam looks at a photograph of him and Hope in Italy and flashes back to that time. He puts the photo back on his mantel. There's a knock on his door.

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