B&B Wednesday Update 4/23/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/23/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam calls Hope who is in the photo lab. Hope says hi. Liam just says he is calling to remind her about tonight. If she comes great otherwise it's over.

Wyatt can handle this without Quinn. Caroline comes in and explains that the meeting is about to start. Wyatt is happy to be saved by her.

Brooke and Rick get things ready for the meeting and Rick is proud of her. Eric asks if Ridge is coming to the meeting. Rick explains that Ridge claims to have another thing to attend to. Eric believes that is for the best so no one has any tension. He wonders if this has to do with the bedroom line. Rick explains they need a need spokes person for it and that if Ridge had anything to do with it also a new photographer. Brooke explains that it's all been settled. Oliver is staying.

Aly walks in front of the photography studio and smiles thinking about her time with Oliver the other day. She walks in and sees Hope. She assumes he is looking for Oliver. Aly thinks they are all lucky he is still around. Oliver comes in and Aly smiles. Hope explains they are really all glad he is still here. Hope asks if she will see them in the meeting. Oliver says they are right behind her. Oliver tells Aly that he has a surprise for her.

Bill comes in and needs water. Liam asks what he is doing. Bill ran a 9k. Liam asks if he cannot track sand into the house. Bill is only here to get his stuff things couldn't be better now that he is with Brooke.

Rick tells everyone that they expect a ten percent increase next quarter. Everyone believes that is a good thing. Rick believes that everyone but Ridge would agree. Caroline walks in and says her husband is the best president she has ever seen.

Allen explains to Pam that he has never had such a great night. Pam tells him he better not get them banned from the royal court. Aly, Oliver and Hope show up and Allen explains that she missed mid evil nights. Aly says she is sorry. Pam knows that it is Aly's favorite thing to do in the world. Pam explains that Allen got VIP tickets. Aly does not know if she is up to it. Allen thinks more turkey legs for them. Pam is excited.

Wyatt wonders if Aly should really be apart of this meeting, seeing that last time she was involved in the bedroom line she had a complete fit. Eric says it is not his call. Quinn just believes that Aly needs to grow up a bit. Eric says she has had a difficult time. Everyone shows up and Rick says they will start the meeting about the bedroom line and everyone looks at Aly.

Bill want to know why Liam is so uptight. He believes he should go on more dates. Liam explains he has one with Hope. Liam wants Hope to date both of them. Bill wants to know what she is going to say. Liam believes that Hope can make her own choice. Bill believes he should let Hope ride this out before he does anything. Bill is out of the meddling business. Liam wonders if he has talked to his son lately because he almost got Hope pregnant.

Rick thinks they need to make a good choice for the new head of the bedroom line. Maya believes Brooke should make a come back. Caroline thinks that too and believes it would perfect. Brooke says it is not happening. Eric even thinks it would be great. Rick has already asked her but she would rather just be co vice president. Carter respects that. Caroline points out Alexa but she could work. Eric explains that he would rather not have a blonde. Quinn believes it should be someone from within the company. Oliver explains he might have the perfect model for the job. Eric asks who. Oliver thinks she is incredible. Oliver thinks that Aly should be the bedroom lines spoke person. Everyone looks shocked and Aly gives him a look of panic.

Bill wants to know what he means by almost. Bill wants to make sure she is not pregnant. Bill thinks they are not ready for that. Liam thinks that if Hope had been pregnant with Wyatt's kid they would have been over for ever. He believes that this will make Hope want him again. Hope may enjoy the dangerous side now but she wont want it forever. Liam knows Hope does not want him to lose him. He is not going to wait for her though.

Pam tells Oliver no that this is a terrible idea. Pam does not think it would work at all. Aly asks if Oliver really thinks she could do it. Hope wants to know what is happening. Eric wonders if Aly knows what would happen if she was the spokes person for the line. Aly says she knows. Caroline explains that it will not be PJS and teddy bears. Oliver would like to make it artsy. Aly knows she came on to strong but she realizes now that it was wrong and she has done some growing up. She can speak for herself. She has worked with Maya and Hope. Aly is happy that Oliver likes the idea. Aly isn't going to do it though. Aly thanks him though for thinking of her. Oliver smiles at her and Aly smiles back. They all take a sigh of relief and get back to work.

Aly laughs that Oliver wanted to do that. Oliver thinks it would have been a great idea. Oliver believes that those underwater shots could be in any magazine in the world. Oliver believes she is a fascinating and stunning woman and he really likes her. The two kiss. Aly smiles.

Bill tells Liam something from experience. Liam has to mean it if he says no more to Hope. Bill respects Liam. Liam believes enough is enough. Liam knows if Hope does not show up it has to be over.

Wyatt wonders if Aly is on her meds. Hope does not hear him. Hope explains she was really surprised. Wyatt wonders if Hope is somewhere else right now. Wyatt thinks they have been through a lot and it has been a really weird couple of days, she still has not stopped thinking about everything. She explains that Liam wants to make her dinner tonight. Hope says that Liam wants her to date the two of them and if she does not show up tonight that Liam is over her.

Liam sets the table.

Wyatt tells her not to do it. He does not want to lose what they have. Wyatt explains to send him a message and that her future is with him now.

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