B&B Tuesday Update 4/22/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/22/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn overhears Brooke tell Hope that she should talk to Liam about this. She wants to know if Hope is going to be able to live with just Wyatt the rest of her life or be with Liam. Brooke has no idea.

Wyatt explains that Hope is part of Liam's past and even a pregnancy does not change that.

Oliver asks if Aly wants to go back out in the pool. Aly doesn't know. Oliver explains that they are not like other people. Oliver and Aly go to Aly's room so they can be alone. He starts to kiss her.

Pam kisses a dog. Liam comes out and asks if she has seen Hope. Pam explains that she is in a meeting with Brooke. Liam wonders who the dog is. Pam tells him that her name is Joy. Liam asks if this is one of the dogs that she volunteers with at the shelter. Pam says yes and tells him that he can come down and volunteer anytime. Liam thinks that he going to. Pam asks if Liam would like to hold her. Liam would love to. Liam explains he has been doing a feature story on animal issues. Pam says she has contacts at the shelter if he needs any help. Pam tells Liam that Hope is going to the photo studio after the meeting, explaining that Joy and her are on Liam's side.

Hope tells Brooke that when Steffy got pregnant it felt like the end of the world for her. Brooke knows that they got another chance though. Rick comes in and asks what this is all about Hope getting kidnapped. Hope says she is fine and leaves. Rick asks Brooke what is going on.

Quinn tells Wyatt that Wyatt is losing her. She just overheard Hope talking to Brooke and he needs to listen.

Hope looks through some photo and Liam shows up. Liam tells her that he keeps pretending she is at home packing to move in with him. Hope thought they talked about this. Hope tells him what he did... she is interrupted and Liam says what he did was for them. That's why he is here.

Brooke says that Hope is fine. Rick wants to know if that's all. Brooke explains things are fine and wants to talk about something else. Rick wonders if Ridge knows that Brooke is going to be keeping an eye on him. Rick wonders if Katie is really having that big of a fit over this. Brooke says she knows, and wants to know if she can trust Rick with a secret. Rick promises and wants to know what is going on.

Oliver says he likes Aly's room. Oliver enjoys the HFTF memorabilia. Aly wonders if Oliver likes the message to respect a girls body. Oliver likes that and wants to check out the under water shoot. Aly frowns and Oliver explains she looks fantastic. Aly kisses Oliver again.

Quinn explains that Hope is not as sure as Wyatt thinks, they could end up getting in a bad place with everything. Quinn did not like Hope at first but now she enjoys how she has brought out the good in Wyatt.

Liam does not want Hope ignoring that they almost lost each other. Hope isn't but she is not giving him what he wants especially if it means giving up Wyatt. Liam thinks she should walk away before he and his mother do something. Hope tells him that this has nothing to do with Quinn. Liam believes that he is the one that Hope wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Rick wonders if Brooke was really trying to make peace between Bill and Karen. Brooke wanted to get Bill his job back. Bill's hands might be tied but Brooke has the power to bring back Bill as CEO. Rick wonders what she could possibly have to do that. Brooke has proof that things are not exactly the way Karen and Katie believe.

Oliver looks at a VHS tape. Aly explains it was made on her fourth birthday. Oliver thinks it must be tough. Aly says it was the way she was killed. Taylor was drinking and shouldn't have been on the road. Thorne didn't know how to tell Aly that she had died and that might be the reason she still talks to her. Aly thinks that he must now think she is so weird for saying that. Oliver doesn't think that at all.

Quinn wonders if she needs to point out the obvious. Wyatt doesn't have to do that. Quinn wants to know if he would be a Spencer if he could. Wyatt says probably but wants to know what this is about.

Liam can't back off because he will be denying something that they both know is true. Hope doesn't know what to give him. Liam says give him something else instead.

Rick wants to assume this proof she has in indisputable. Brooke says yes and also wonders if she should use it. Rick thinks that she needs to think about this. Brooke has a lot to lose if she does this. Brooke wonders if she can any more from Katie. Brooke can't let Katie keep this up, it has to end.

Oliver and Aly look at old photos. Aly explains that Taylor targeted Thorne. Aly tore up her wedding gown when she found out. She was four years old and Taylor was taking advantage. She actually ran away and still has nightmares about it. She just wishes she could feel her moms arms around her one more time. Oliver hugs her and says you can never replace your mom, he wants to be there for her. Aly says no one has ever made her feel this way before.

Wyatt tells Quinn to let him handle his own life. He says to chill. Wyatt tells her to stop worrying.

Liam cannot wait any longer he wants to be a part of her life again. Hope understands, but she wonders about Wyatt he is not going to step aside. Liam asks if Hope would date both of them at the same time. Hope doesn't know if she wants that for her life. Liam understands but just wants equal time. Liam is going to make dinner and is going to plan for her to be there tomorrow night but if she isn't then he will assume that she is over him. It will be up to her.

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