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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/21/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

As Brooke looks at the contract that Katie signed, Hope comes in and asks if she is up to something. Brooke explains no she was just deciding something. Hope explains she is still a little freaked out, because she thought she was pregnant.

Quinn asks how Wyatt feels about this. Wyatt explains that he does not know how he feels. Quinn explains that when she was pregnant, she had a little bit of money and a drive to do something with her life. Wyatt was disappointed when he thought she was pregnant and then disappointed when he found out she wasn't. Quinn believes that is completely natural.

Maya asks Carter if that sounded as bad as she thought it did when Oliver said it. Carter believes it does but also thinks that something is wrong with Maya even though he loves her. Maya thinks that Aly is troubled and needs help.

Oliver asks if there is somewhere he can change. Aly does not have much to say. Oliver explains he can leave if she wants him to. Aly says for him to stay.

Maya wants to know why Carter is not worried that Aly is getting taken advantage of. Carter understands that but also wonders why Oliver thinks that Maya should care this much and wonders if something is going on. Maya laughs at the thought.

Aly explains that he can change in the pool house. Oliver asks if it is locked. Aly says that nothing is locked inside the gate. Aly gets embarrassed from living here sometimes. Oliver doesn't think that she should.

Wyatt knows that having a child would change everything. Quinn asks if he proposed. Wyatt knows that she wouldn't say yes and you don't ask that question.

Hope never thought she would have this happen. Brooke explains that you have to be very careful about that sort of thing unless you are positive you want to be a parent. Hope knows and that is why she knows what she wants to do.

Carter thinks that Oliver has a thing for Maya and he takes no offence to that. Though when a man is attracted to a woman that he is going to try to do things.

Aly does not mind her looks but she does not see them when Oliver talks about them. Oliver asks Aly to swim.

Quinn wonders if she should talk to Hope. Wyatt tells her no straight off. Quinn thinks she should talk to Aly so she doesn't have a panic attack over this. Wyatt says absolutely no but Quinn explains that she went to Liam's house. She physically assaulted him. Liam walks in and explains he would like to know why he came to his house. Wyatt explains that if there is anymore physical assaulting that needs to be done then Wyatt will take care of it.

Brooke does not like the sound of what happened. Hope could have lost Liam for good, and she is not ready to think of a future where Liam is just gone. She is not ready for that. Brooke wants to know how Wyatt reacted. Hope explained he was freaked out but he said all the right things. If the test came up positive, she would probably have to change things. Hope likes the adventure she has with Wyatt. She does want a child just not right now. Hope wishes that she met Wyatt first. Brooke explains that she just is so happy and carefree with Wyatt. She is having fun. With Liam it is careful and cautious. Hope thinks that it had to do with life in general. Brooke explains that Hope has to make the choice to decide if this is too late.

Quinn wants to know why Liam is even here. Liam wants to know why she keeps breaking into his house. Quinn does not think that is important. Liam demands a minute alone. Wyatt is not going to say sorry. Liam thinks that Wyatt only hears what he wants to hear and Wyatt has just scared Hope into something.

Carter explains that no man wants to make a woman feel some way. Carter believes that is what is what Oliver was trying to do.

Oliver and Aly swim under water and Oliver films it with an underwater camera. Aly smiles and the two start to kiss each other as Oliver continues to film them throughout the entire thing. Oliver and Aly get back to the stairs and Oliver explains that an underwater shoot is going to have to impress Ridge. Aly does not know why he tried to fire him. Oliver kisses Aly.

Wyatt knows that Hope does not want to hurt him. Liam knows that he is pushy but everything Wyatt does is tell himself how he is not going to get hurt. Liam explains that Hope is just about to find out what it is like without him. Liam is going to share Hope. Wyatt does not want to.

Quinn overhears Hope and Brooke in the hallway. Hope explains she has to accept that she loves Wyatt. Brooke asks if she is really in love. Hope does not know the difference anymore. Hope loves the idea of Wyatt, and she constantly has to ask herself if this was real. Hope thinks about Liam though when she thinks about children. Brooke wonders what she is prepared to do. Hope does not know. Brooke wonders if Hope is going to break up with Wyatt.

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